Off the Beaten Path

Diversions from the usual route can take you to a wonderland of inspiration

Like Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, letting curiosity guide your footsteps through High Point Market can transport you to enchanting destinations. If you’ve never ventured out of the main buildings, you’re missing out on some dazzling new designers, inspirational artisans, and little known niches that will inspire your imagination and invigorate your business.

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Fall 2015 Preview Guides

Expansive Selection, Extensive Connections Generate Real Returns at Market

For Sheely's Furniture and Appliances COO Sherry Sheely, the answer is simple. "High Point has a HUGE impact on our business!" Sheely isn't alone in her assessment. Retailers from across the U.S., Canada and around the world place a premium on attending High Point. Dorian Stacy Sims, president of Stacy Furniture & Design, explains that her team makes the trip from Texas every spring and fall because, "We don't feel we can afford to miss many Markets or rule any of them out."

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