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Craft Dream Productions

Showroom: M-4030 - Suites At Market Square, Mezzanine
Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line)

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Craft Dream Productions is a production company that brings a new concept and productive solutions in the world of furniture. Our production is 100% made in Portugal by specialized craftsman who treated each piece like an art piece, from the beginning to the last detail.

LINECRAFT is a collection of bohemian furniture with a subtle touch of luxury which adds to the space dowry of simplicity and quality. Inspired by Mid-Century modern lines who is an important historical reference from the 30’s and 60’s in the retro design.

The simplicity and natural forms, not forgetting its functionality combine the harmony between masculine and feminine soul giving an iconic style to the collection.

Our design pieces are much more than a decorative item they are full of elegance and luxury made by rich materials and sophisticated details that makes it irresistible to us all by the glamour of the golden era.

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