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Fable Porch by March Legend

Showroom: T-427 - Suites At Market Square, Top Floor
Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line)

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Our furniture is bench made & family crafted on our working farm in the inviting foothills of North Carolina, just outside the furniture capital of the world. This is where our simple but luxurious creations are born, fussed over and carefully crafted with decades of experience. Furniture is our passion, you see at March Legend ® we are not busy counting every plank of wood, every hinge or dowel rod to ensure maximum profit, what we are busy doing is making down to earth, affordable furniture one piece at a time we expect our customers to never replace. At March Legend ® it’s the best American kiln dried woods, the best American-made finishes period, that’s who March Legend ® is, and nothing watered down, ever.

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