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Alma D'Luce

Showroom: M-3033 - Suites At Market Square, Mezzanine
Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line)

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ALMA DE LUCE is a brand that reveals memories of traditions, places, myths or legends, symbols, and people, through the senses. This revelation is exposed and preserved overtime.

The use of noble materials, along with the inspiration, Portuguese craftsman- ship and design, embodies the commit- ment to express feelings and emotions wich lay in our memories, as pieces of furniture with soul and unique identity. The brand challenges the past through the design and craftsman in order to build strong cultural heritage giving them new life, creating new emotions and references.

The pieces overwhelm in exclusivity and quality.

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ALMA DE LUCE launch a new version of POLONCEAU

ALMA DE LUCE celebrates the search for new ideas and the capacity to create and inspire generations, creating with a structural mastery the table named POLONCEAU.
An honor to Camille Polonceau, (1813-1859), a French engineer who in 1837 created the structural system Polonceau. This was recognized by


ALMA de LUCE launches a new piece - the CARDOSAS

July 12th, 2017 – The InterContinental Porto Hotel – Cardosas Palace celebrated the 6th anniversary with a unique furniture piece, signed by ALMA DE LUCE. The table, was inspired in the story of Cardosas Palace




ALMA de LUCE launches a new piece - the CARDOSAS