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Casa Fiora

Showroom: G-4025 - Suites At Market Square, Ground
Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line)

Founded in 2002, Casa Fiora is a dedicated supplier to professional designers and home furnishings retailers offering a comprehensive product line within the Soft Window Treatments category - luxuriously tailored drapery panels, top treatments and roman shades, and decorative hardware - in over 500 fabrics with a variety of custom options.

We offer high quality, fashionable products with impeccable construction, classic detailing and luxurious components, which are highly customizable with broad, yet manageable fabric selections. Our fully integrated hardware options provide for comprehensive solutions and a simplified sales process.

We provide unsurpassed service and high-touch support to ensure the success of your project. We provide comprehensive sales and ordering tools to simplify the process.

Every item is individually custom crafted and most orders are shipped in less than 4 weeks.

Our products are competitively priced across multiple price points and offer attractive margins.

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