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Chern Shing Top Co., LTD.

T-318, Global Sourcing Pavilion - Suites At Market Square, Top Floor

"Chern Shing Top Co, Ltd. (abbr. CSTC) was founded in 1997. We specialize in designing and manufacturing lumbar support mechanisms and parts for office & car seating and welcome any OEM & ODM projects.

With many years of extensive experience supplying components, we founded Rising Star Top Co., Ltd. (abbr. RSTC) in 2001 and built up our own brand “Spine Relaxer” to launch OBM finished products such as Lumbar Support Cushions, Neck & Cervical Support Cold Memory Foam Pillows, Lumbar Spine Relaxing Multifunctional Yoga Pillows, Adjustable Backrest Lumbar Support Office Chairs and Manual & Electric Elevate Tables, etc."