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French Heritage, Inc.

Showroom: 1638 English Rd. (Main)
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Our showroom is located at 1638 English Rd, it includes our gourmet French Bistro where Cordon Bleu Chef Blake Elsinghorst will create decadent culinary delights daily. Breakfast 7:45 to 11 am, Lunch 12 to 2:30 pm., probation cocktails and hors d’oeuvres 4 to 7pm.

French Heritage launched The Facet Collection by Michelle Workman at High Point Market- April 2017. An exquisite collection of Hollywood Glam Deco inspired pieces that are contemporary and bold. Clean lines emphasize exotic woods while brass, copper and chrome intertwine with pastel lacquers and rich hues. French Heritage is a fashion forward furniture manufacturing company that excels in quality home furnishings as well as custom pieces for contract and residential design. Using premium materials and European master craftsmen techniques, the company combines contemporary elegance and eclectic flair for today's life style. A founding member of the Sustainability Furniture Council, French Heritage is committed to ethical business practices and promoting furniture manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible way. French Heritage furniture is sold through fine furniture retailers, interior designers, and, select high end internet sites.

Please call 336.885.2868 for the French Heritage shuttle to assist and facilitate your transportation during market.

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French Heritage, fine designer, manufacturer, and distributor of home furnishings unveiled Facet, its latest collection by renowned designer, Michelle Workman. The collection of 45 pieces, inspired by Hollywood Glam Deco, reflects a glamorous and sophisticated luxury lifestyle.


Discover the Glamorous Yet, Casual Elegance of the Newest French Heritage Collection

Experience the sophisticated, yet understated elegance of the newest collection by French Heritage, a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of fine home furnishings. The mix of contrasting materials in the pieces capture the essence of a relaxed style that is still luxurious.


French Heritage Unveils the Facet Collection by Michelle Workman


French Heritage epitomizes “Creative Collaboration” at Fall High Point Market 2016

French Heritage invites industry leaders Nourison, Wendover Art Group, Traditions Linens, Scot Meacham Wood Home and Dwayne Clark IDMG into their showroom this market for the ultimate creative collaboration.


Discover the Shades of French Heritage


French Heritage | Furnishings as Personal Philosophy

As you enter the French Heritage showroom, you instantly
realize something is quite different. There’s a distinct point-of-view: in the space, the furnishings, and even the presentation.


Macaroons and the Joy of Living, Joie de Vivre

At French Heritage we have created hand-crafted, iconic furniture that reinforces
and enhances the emotions and desires of our customers for over thirty


French Heritage October 2013 Product Release



BERCY by French Heritage

Shades of French Heritage, April 2016

High Point Showroom Tour October 2016

Archetypes French Heritage

Handcrafted in France

High Point Showroom