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Harden Furniture LLC

113 - 200 Steele, Floor 1
Area: Hamilton/Wrenn District

Largest family-owned and operated furniture manufacturer in North America. Located in McConnellsville, NY, Harden Furniture creates high quality, solid wood furniture and designer upholstery for residential and commercial environments. Featured in ABCNews "Made in America" series, Harden is certified to the Sustainable Forestry InitiativeĀ® (SFI) forest certification standard.

Harden - The Beauty of Upholstery

Harden - The Creation of the Live Edge Table

Harden - Assembly

Harden - Woodshop

Harden - Upholstery Frame Building

Harden - Shipping

Harden - Sawmill

Harden - Rough Mill operations

Harden - Log Yard

Harden - Forestry operations

Harden Furniture - Finish Process

Harden - Dry Kilns operation

Harden Furniture - Factory Tour