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Green Gables

Atrium on Main - 206-207, Floor 2

Shuttle Stop: 9 (Green Line)

Neighborhood: Downtown Main

Timber Frame Furniture

Bold, sturdy, unique, and built to last, Green Gables makes thousands of different pieces graced with a natural patina that only Father Time and Mother Nature can provide. Support beams that once sustained the weight of the seasons’ hay are transformed into massive table legs, bedposts and stretcher beams. Antiquated roof trusses and siding boards are re-illustrated into an impressive array of doors, drawers and table tops.


Green Gables uses a myriad of materials to sculpt works of furniture art. Old growth white, red, and yellow pine, a bit of butternut, oak, ash, and maple as accents here and there, hand forged iron, re-claimed roof steel, premium leathers, tree bark, and moldings are assembled to create functional artworks that are brimming with character.


Designed and engineered to last several lifetimes, their collections are individually unique. Materials with the right look, quality, and feel are handpicked then transformed into refined rustic items that capture the imagination. Each piece tells a story of an honored past. Timeworn grey and brown tones, saw marks, nail holes, exposed joinery, metal work, and tight wood grain all lend to the harmonious look and feel of Green Gables original designs.

American Made

Made in America means something and reclaiming history into a beautiful work of masterful furniture to enjoy for generations is something to be proud of.