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Thibaut Fine Furniture

Showroom: 260 - Market Square, Floor 2
Shuttle Stop: 29 (Red Line)

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Established in 1886 Thibaut (pronounced Tee-Bo) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm. Known for a fresh, inspiring color palette with classic style, Thibaut offers unsurpassed quality and design in styles ranging from historic reproductions, toile, and chinoiserie to tropical and novelty patterns. With an insightful knowledge of trends and what homeowners want, Thibaut consistently delivers uniquely designed collections, supported by excellent service.

Thibaut launched Thibaut Fine Furniture as an upholstered furniture program developed exclusively for designers and their clients. From the thoughtful styling, to the heft of our hardwood frames, to placing nail heads with precision, this is true bench-made furniture built by American craftsmen with decades of experience.

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