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VIG Furniture, Inc.

H730 - IHFC, Hamilton, Floor 7

VIG Furniture, Inc. is a wholesaler of fine home furnishings from around the world. We represent the best furniture manufacturers, many on an exclusive basis. VIG Furniture Inc. offers mid to high end contemporary, modern, transitional and classic Italian home furnishings that are recognized for their innovative design, high quality, functionality, and, above all, competitive pricing.
We are considered one of the fastest growing furniture wholesalers in all of the United States. With much success brought to our retailers across the United States and beyond. VIG Furniture is constantly looking to expand its operations to fulfill the high demand for the furniture we sell. Our variety of stock is sure to cater to the style and tastes of many people. Each piece of furniture VIG sells is well examined, front to back, left to right. Our goal is to carry unique designs, that are both appealing and accessible to the general public. The VIG Collection is signified by european inspirations from Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.
VIG Furniture believes that the furniture industry is not stagnant- trends come and go, styles evolve. In support of this theory, VIG Furniture offers a broad selection of styles, with a wide variety of customization options. VIG carries a stock of nearly 6000 items, many available for special order with custom options. Now, breaking into the market with Original and exclusive designs, VIG has become a trendsetter in its own right!