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IHFC - IH206, Commerce, Floor 1
Area: InterHall

Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal)

Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse

UMAGE (pronounced OO-MAY) redefined Danish modern style with our unique and multi-functional lighting. Taking the story of Scandinavian design further by combining aesthetics, simplicity and functionality and infusing it with thoughtful craftsmanship and environmental care. Our designs are deeply rooted in the diverse urban landscape and raw nature surrounding our home in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Now, in addition to our versatile lighting assortment, we have expanded into home furnishings by launching a new furniture and accessories collection. With clean lines, quality materials like solid American oak, and a focus on details, the Furniture Feelings line of Scandinavian design continues UMAGE’s use of clever packaging solutions to reduce the effects of transportation on the environment, without compromising on materials or design principles.

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UMAGE - New Name, New Game