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Studio 4 Gallery

The Factory - 400 W. English Rd, Floor 2

Shuttle Stop: 27 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: North Elm

Studio4 is a Montreal based art studio specializing in fine art geared towards the hospitality, retail and custom design industries. We are a division of Century Industries the leading manufacturers of custom decorative lighting fixtures and lamps in North America since 1945.

Our company is made up of internationally exhibited professional artists who live and breath art in its purest form. At Studio4 we believe in cultivating and supporting our artists in order to expand the reach of their artistic horizons internationally.

Our in-house artists have created pieces for many major retailers, galleries and shows both domestic and internationally. They are some of the best commercial artists in the industry!

Our goal is be synonymous with great art and to represent with pride the burgeoning Montreal art scene at the highest level. Take one step into our Montreal based studio and you will instantly feel the pride, passion and freedom the artists express in every painting.

The Factory Highpoint North Carolina