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A New Reality for Home Furnishings

Wayfair Next director Mike Festa discusses the company’s new virtual reality technology

Leading Wayfair’s development and integration of virtual reality (VR) technology, Mike Festa works to speed up the rate at which consumers purchase furniture online. While he sees VR as a critical element in moving this trend forward faster, he realizes there are several key issues that need to be addressed first.

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My Scoop, Thom Filicia

An insider’s sneak peek at new products for the Spring 2016 High Point Market

A new addition to his collection at Vanguard, new rugs at Safavieh, new bedding options at Eastern Accents, and a whole new line of wall coverings at MDC. Thom Filicia has a lot to look forward to at Spring Market. Join him in his offices at 200 Lex for an early preview of drawings, tips for a couple showrooms you’ll surely want to see, and some playful advice for first-time visitors.

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My Scoop, Celerie Kemble

Where to look and what to look for at Spring Market

Seeking to create homes that are “like a loosely woven fabric of desires, memories, practical notions, and even compromises”, Celerie Kemble comes to Market to “learn what’s out there” across a broad range of products and price points. Anticipating spring 2016, she’s excited about her own new dining suite, plus some fabulous new fabrics, new materials, new lighting, and new accents.

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My Scoop, Alexa Hampton

The must-see showrooms and collections of Spring 2016

For Alexa Hampton, High Point is to a designer as a farmer’s market is to a chef. It’s where you find the finest ingredients, catch the zeitgeist of design today, and gain the inspirations that are essential to great work. Here, she shares some of the products and exhibitors that she’s excited to see at Spring Market.

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My Scoop, Laura Kirar

Experiencing the artful side of Market

With a deep respect for craft and history, Laura Kirar expresses her artistic spirit in the creation of elegant interiors that are at once timeless and innovative. Looking forward to Spring Market, she sees “an intense shopping week,” where she can explore a broader range of brands and sources than anywhere else on earth, see beautiful new products, and find a few diamonds in the rough.

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Like No Other Place On Earth

High Point’s Bienenstock Furniture Library is a truly unique resource for working designers

If you’re looking for an enlightening experience while you’re in town for Market, be sure to stop by the Bienenstock Furniture Library. Housed in a historic, beautifully renovated building less than a mile from downtown High Point, you will find the largest book and periodical collection on furniture and interior design that’s fully accessible to furniture professionals.

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Perspectives, trends, and innovations

My High Point Market, Jamie Drake

My High Point Market, Mary McDonald

My High Point Market, Drew McGukin

Style Spotters LIVE!

Connecting the Fashion Dots to Home

Design Bloggers Tour

Michelle Wiebe’s Go-to Showrooms

Take a Market Tour with Kati Curtis

Retailers Ramp Up for a Strong 2016

After a lively Fall Market, buyers affirm industry analysts’ positive forecasts

Projecting from their experiences at Fall Market, veteran industry economists and large regional retailers offered upbeat assessments of 2016. The vigor of the crowds, the fresh designs and the frenzy of sales activity all gave good reason to expect good things for the home furnishings industry.

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Millennials Rising

The new generation of consumers has arrived. Now, it’s time to bring them into your store.

Understanding the Millennial mind is crucial to staying competitive in the home furnishings industry. This dynamic generation shares few buying behaviors with their Boomer forebears, presenting challenges and opportunities to savvy manufacturers and marketers. We asked a few industry pros what they're doing to stay on top of this generational shift.

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