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First Thoughts on the New Season

Looking forward to Fall 2015 home fashion trends

School is back in session, Labor Day has come and gone, the leaves are turning, and cool breezes stir the air. As every home furnishings pro knows, that could only mean one thing – it’s almost time for Fall Market! As they prepare for the home fashion event of the season, four of our 2015 Style Spotters share just some of what they’re looking forward to seeing in High Point’s showrooms.

Courtney Lake, Monogram Decor, San Francisco

This fall, I am excited to see the new upholstered pieces and fabric debuts. I explore the world through touch and Fall Market, for me, is a tactile experience. I am looking for exhibitors to show me how they are mixing the pieces they debuted in the spring with their offerings for fall.

One of the things I am most interested in is seeing how the color orange is being added to the mix. It's a color that is trending for interiors and I am curious to see how showrooms interpret it for Market.

Lori Gilder, Kitchen Design Network, HGTV

It’s hard to believe that Fall Market is right around the corner. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new and exciting this season. Since I love blending old with the new, I’m excited to see Bernhardt’s new introductions that could be beautifully juxtaposed with some select antiques from Bobo Intriguing Objects.

I am expecting to see a new take on pastel colors in fabrics that reflect a more earthy tone. Typically we think of pastels more suited to the summer months but this Fall Market I’ll be looking for the warm teals, mint greens, baby blues and a dusty rose and lilac to appear, revitalized from 30 years ago.

Kati Curtis, Kati Curtis Design

I'm not one who typically follows trends, but this Market I'm super-inspired by the Fall 2015 runway shows. This season more than ever I'm energized by a new focus on craftsmanship and customization – similar to a couture gown!

As per usual for me, it's all about the details and there are some certain specific ones I'm on the hunt for! I'm looking for those little nuances and embellishments that make pieces unique – the pleat on a chair skirt, an embroidered pattern on a pillow sham, a stud detail on a chair leg – anything that screams "I'm special.”

Femininity continues to be a strong driver in my work and this Market I'll be looking for products that are feminine, but also have an edge to them. A floral patterned wall sconce cast from blackened steel, or a pink upholstered chair with tailored tufting would be the sort of thing I'm after. Girlie can be great, but it has to be offset with a hard line, a clean edge, or an unexpected material – it's all in the mix of how something comes together.

Leslie Hendrix-Wood, Interior Designer, Midland, Texas, Hadley Court blogger

Every Market, I’m looking for timeless designs that are destined to be family heirlooms, high quality products presented in exquisite, hand-crafted finishes. Last Market, I saw these future classics emerging in a trend I coined “The New Feminine,” an aesthetic exemplified by a softer, more livable design that nods to the past while embracing the future. For fall 2015, I expect to see this trend hit full stride with furnishings in lighter colors and softer, curvier lines. I look forward to seeing how manufacturers continue to put a fresh, flirty, modern spin on age-old classics.

Beyond the products, though, I always look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at Market. It is such a pleasure to be among people who adore furnishings like I do. There is a contagious energy at High Point Market, and I’m ready to catch all of the latest inspirations!