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Decoding Design Trends

Jena Hall delivers tips for turning trend knowledge into your perfect merchandising mix

What’s old is new again, or so it goes, in fashion and home furnishings. “Everything is cyclical,” says furniture designer, industry insider, and Market presenter Jena Hall. Even the omnipresent color gray is on its way out. “We’re so gray that gray is turning yellow because it’s scared,” Hall said in her Spring Market seminar, Finding the Right Trends for Your Store.

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Fashion Snoops

Your guide to the forces that are shaping consumer choices for the home

Drawing on extensive research into long-term and emerging cultural trends, global creative agency Fashion Snoops identifies that colors, styles, forms, and textures today’s consumer seeks. Use this valuable intelligence to inform your Fall Market shopping – and find the products your customers will be looking for next.

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Style Spotters Fall 2017 Preview

Your first look at the top trends of the new season from our favorite trend-tracking team

Perusing our exhibitors’ New Product Picks for Fall Market, our 2017 Style Spotter teams and guests identified six looks that should top your shopping list as you tour Market showrooms. Plus, we added one fun product that turned everyone’s heads during our Fall 2017 New Product Premiere Twitter Chat.

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Editor’s Spotlight: Traditional Home

Clara Haneberg, associate style editor, highlights five dazzling designer collaborations

There was no shortage of designer collaborations at Spring 2017 High Point Market. Jeffrey Bilhuber for Henredon, Michelle Workman for French Heritage, Jamie Merida for Chelsea House – and many more – offered a feast for the eyes. I’m particularly drawn to pieces that have classic roots, but with a modern bent. Here are my five favorite finds.

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A Vision Of Glamour At Christopher Guy

New showroom brings a Chanel‐esque spirit and a touch of Manhattan sparkle to High Point

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in stunning style, the Christopher Guy brand opened a gorgeous, new two‐story showroom in the heart of High Point Market. Realizing one of founder Christopher Guy Harrison’s first visions for the brand, the building is an artful expression of the Christopher Guy aesthetic, and a dramatic showcase for its elegant, sensual, and sophisticated furnishings.

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The Innovation Space

Mill Village Collective is High Point’s center for disruptive new products and ideas

The living room of futuristic TV family The Jetsons is one source of inspiration to Jessica Banks, CEO and founder of Rock Paper Robot. Charles Eames is another. Banks and her Brooklyn-based manufacturing company engineer and design kinetic furnishings – stylish floating tables, collapsible chairs and robotic chandeliers – while rethinking the role of home decor in people’s lives.

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Editor’s Spotlight: Rue Magazine

Kelli Lamb, Managing Editor, shares memorable highlights from Market

It’s always a pleasure to attend High Point Market. The spring season was particularly memorable, as we revelled in wonderful new trends – specifically natural textures, moody colors, and just the right amount of humor. The true highlight, though, is connecting with so many talented people, from interesting product designers and up-and-coming interior designers to longtime RUE readers!

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Bringing Lifestyle Home

Mark Badgley and James Mischka guide their brand of glamour and elegance to interiors

As fashion, furnishings and home entertaining converge and fuel personal expression, a curatorial approach to decorating is also gaining traction. The Badgley Mischka Home collection, which returns to High Point Market Oct. 14-18, is in front of these intersecting trends.

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Sixty Billion Reasons to Go Green

Increasing demand for healthier home furnishings can be a big new revenue opportunity

Consumer desire for eco-friendly, sustainable, clean, toxin-free, and natural products is growing as rapidly as the number of words that describe them. Responding to this trend has moved Robin Wilson to the forefront of a major design disruption. In her Design Viewpoints Series keynote, Wilson showed Market guests how to reap new revenues from sustainable and hypoallergenic furnishings.

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Analysts Expect 2017 To Finish Big

Favorable economic and demographic trends point to strong second half sales

In his State of the Industry presentation at High Point Market, industry analyst Jerry Epperson pointed to growing home sales, good economic news, and an oncoming wave of millennial furniture buyers as signals of rising sales in the second half of 2017. “The first quarter of this year was stronger than the first quarter of 2016, thanks partly to the weather, no presidential election, and good news on employment, housing and inflation,” said Epperson, Partner with Mann, Armistead, & Epperson, Ltd. Investment Bankers and Advisors, and publisher of the monthly Furnishings Digest newsletter.

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Luxe Magazine: Bold Style Shapes The New Season

Kate Bergeron, Style Editor, selects her High Point highlights

I love anticipating the unexpected when traveling down to High Point, and Spring Market was no exception. Among the bevy of beautiful things and exciting trends (I’m talking about you, canopy beds), I found myself drawn to pieces with a rich, sometimes moody color palette – strong and chic objects that could truly hold their own in a warm and highly edited space. And as always, I returned home inspired, happy, and hungry for what’s to come in the fall.

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Summer/Fall 2017 Style Report

See the best of the new, as selected by our Style Spotter duos

Eras past re-emerge in luxury. White goes hot in myriad shades and textures. Metals take a brassy turn. Furniture becomes an art form as art takes the form of furniture. Irregular shapes, unexpected angles, and clean lines intriguing edge. Read on for a full review of the styles and tones that are setting the shape and tenor of the new season.

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Designer Launches And New Artisans

Stunning new lines are ready to be revealed at Spring Market

In addition to new collections from Jeffrey Bilhuber, Barclay Butera, Celerie Kemble, Steve Leung, David Phoenix, Windsor Smith, and Michelle Workman, Bunny Williams, Mabley Handler, Maggie Cruz, and three new artisan exhibitors will debut at Spring 2017 High Point Market.

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Seeking the Chic Unique

Popular showrooms for customized, one-of-a-kind, and artisan crafted goodies

When you’re looking for those supremely special, beyond the ordinary, perfectly personalized, or artisan crafted items that cannot be found anywhere else, High Point Market is the place to be. Here’s a quick list of showrooms that Market guests tell us are places to go for unconventional, exclusive, and customized products.

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Where the Ancient Reigns Supreme

Popular showrooms to visit when you’re shopping for antiques

For lovers of all things vintage, eclectic, lost, found, reclaimed, refurbished, and rediscovered, absolutely no other event in the world compares to High Point Market. However, Market also confronts the intrepid shopper with literally millions of square feet of showroom space. So how can one possibly find the ancient treasures amidst the vast array of showrooms dedicated to the latest trends? No worries: this list of popular antiques dealers will help you separate the old from the new like a pro.

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Livable Design – Embrace It And Thrive

Aging consumers’ demand for safe, comfortable living spaces creates $7.9 trillion opportunity

The Fall 2016 High Point Market Design Viewpoints Series provided practical advice on how to design environments for the health and well-being of aging clients, collaborate with builders, architects, healthcare professionals, and senior community developers to meet the growing demand for lifelong homes, and incorporate livable design principles into projects for clients of any age.

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On the Hunt for Amazing

New York designer Jenny Wolf shares her go-to destinations and exciting
new finds

The best part of Market is the surprise of it all; it’s so amazing to see all of these beautiful things in one place. My first trip was in 2011, when I had just opened my business and was shopping for my first client. It was so exciting, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Even better, I furnished my client’s entire apartment on that one visit. Now, I still love the hunt, but I have found a few destination showrooms that I look forward to seeing every time I visit.

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Inspiring the Journey Home

For Drew McGukin, the right path leads through the heart of each, individual customer

Whether you’re on a retail sales floor or consulting as an interior designer, if you want to know where to start a conversation about furnishing a home, Drew McGukin almost always gives the same answer. “With the person,” he says, “the number one tip I can give anyone is to listen. In my book, every home should be comfortable and reflect the person living in the space.”

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First Impressions of High Point Market

By Farah Merhi, founder of Inspire Me Home Décor

The Founder of Inspire Me Home Décor, Farah Merhi, shares her design inspirations with home decor fans around the world, including the 3.2 million followers of @Inspire_Me_Home_Decor on Instagram. We invited her to the Spring 2016 High Point Market to launch her Pinterest presence with a Market-inspired selection of products and trends. Join her on this journey through the ideas, innovations, and inspirations she discovered at her first High Point Market.

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This Is Where the Latest Lives

Three can’t-miss spots for the luxe, chic, trendy, and unique

When it’s time to find the one-of-a-kind, experience the newest shapes of style, or see what the high-end makers are making, there are three destinations you won’t want to miss. This Market, take a tour of the upscale and up-and-coming in The Suites at Market Square, SALON, and InterHall.

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Carolina Couture

Some of the world’s finest furniture is made in North Carolina, and it shows in High Point

Hardwoods, textiles, skilled artisans, and access to major transportation outlets fueled the High Point region’s rise to prominence in the home furnishings industry. Through this profile of five leading American furniture brands, Interiors Magazine shows how and why North Carolina will continue to remain a world leader in fashion for the home.

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On-Trend Design, On-Trend Business

Keys to thriving in today’s chaotic, ever-changing consumer market, by Bobby Berk

In today’s marketplace, it is more important than ever for furniture retailers to keep their thumb on the pulse of design trends in order to meet the demands of ever more discerning and responsive consumers. It is also imperative that we find a way to survive in a world where consumers expect exceptional service and quick delivery, demands that are second only to a low price. As major online retailers continue to drive down industry prices, they are making it more difficult for even niche manufacturers and small footprint brick and mortar retailers to compete against their big marketing budgets and immense fulfillment capabilities.

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