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The 2017 Trends Take Form

The Fashion Snoops guide to the shapes, colors, and textures of the new season

Previewing our exhibitors’ New Product Picks for Fall Market, the trend forecasting experts of Fashion Snoops selected a few items to represent their two 2017 trends, Cove and Old Havana. Use this guide to inform your search for products that will appeal to your customers’ sense of style in the coming months.


Natural forms and materials are mixed into sustainable, modern homes, expressing a clean minimalism in a chic, sophisticated lifestyle. Merging raw elements of nature and abstract print direction with contemporary design aesthetics, Cove emerges at Fall 2016 High Point Market in key defining elements, as found in the following pieces.

A bold sweeping curve, crafted of natural materials, enwraps a calming space of natural fabrics in soft seaside shades in this dramatic outdoor ensemble from Skyline Design.

Codarus uses a washed finish, blending stone whites with indigos and aquas to capture a sense of escape to a quiet space.

Supremely minimal forms gracefully present sleek sections of natural marble or even an ethereal glass surface in these thoroughly sophisticated tables from Glassisimo.

The color palette is pared down to a bare minimum in this outdoor dining set from Kannoa. On the chairs, spare lines accentuate the cushions’ comfort, while the table sweeps across its space in gentle arcs. Perfecting the vignette, a wooden bowl in an organic form presents a few ripe lemons as if offering an invitation to a relaxing late afternoon cocktail.

One can almost see an ocean wave receding from a tidal pool that lies hidden among cool stone cliffs in this gorgeous pillow from Aviva Stanoff.

Light and shadow play in the dimples and declivities of this organic form of earthen white in a lovely table lamp from Jamie Young Company.

Absolutely minimal, yet seemingly shaped only by nature, these tables from The Phillips Collection capture the peaceful wildness of Cove.

An unadorned simplicity celebrates the inherent excellence of natural materials in these tables from Light & Living.

Like light on water, seafoam on waves, or thin clouds drifting across a twilight sky, this design from York Wallcoverings brings any indoor space closer to nature.

Old Havana

A vibrant yet laid back look that finds new inspirations in a rich heritage, Old Havana repurposes the rich traditions of Cuba into a refined new style. Look for shapes adorned by updated vintage elements, aged detailing, a sense of authenticity, a respect for tradition, and a celebration of craft.

A mid-Century retro form in a rich tobacco finish offers a refined yet relaxed appeal in these stools from Alliyah Rugs.

Tropical foliage in bright yet natural greens, creates an island vibe in this wallcovering from Tempaper. Note also the golden tones and fan-like feet of the retro tub.

A finely detailed design, drawn in deep blues, speaks to heritage in forms and patterns that decorate these delightful jars from Wildwood Lamps & Accents, Inc.

Updated via abstraction to its basic elements, the lively floral pattern on this chest from Theodore Alexander is subtly toned down to a laid back level when presented in a soft silver gray.

Evocative of casually stacked valises, this simple yet rich design from John-Richard borrows elements from mid-century forms to create a composition that is at once visually lively, stable, and relaxed.

Literally laid back, the line and tone of this Abbyson Living chair and ottoman pair, upholstered in a tobacco-tone leather, presents the picture of a man at ease in a shaded room cooled by ocean breezes.

Starting with the form of a broad tropical leaf, Garbarino chooses a palette of deep blue and rich gold to create a thoroughly updated vision of a classic cocktail table.

The pieces presented in this guide are offered as examples of furnishings that fit the Cove and Old Havana trends. As you shop Fall Market showrooms, look for the elements we have highlighted here in products from all categories, across the full span of price points.

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