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Cove - A Coming Trend for 2017

Fashion Snoops forecasts a style shaped by the rugged California coastline

Following the path of the Pacific Coast highway, Cove is inspired by locations like Monterey and Big Sur, and revels in the rugged beauty of twisting curves and dramatic cliffs that plunge into the ocean.

Cove defines a new shift in minimalism, one that is heavily rooted in a natural environment. It applies a new value to luxury through escapism and quiet spaces. Cove merges polished Scandinavian aesthetics with a subtle Americana twist.

Think of an upscale beach home that is one with nature, expressed in a selection of materials such as linen, natural indigo and washed surfaces. Open spaces are paired with contemporary angles and materials for a light, zen feel.

All natural elements are mixed into sustainable, modern homes, conjoining a clean sophistication with a chic, minimalist lifestyle. Furnishings that fit this trend will feature clean lines and sweeping curves, minimalist forms in natural tones, and organic – often mixed – materials.

This trend is powered by Fashion Snoops, a trend forecasting service and consulting company that provides inspiring content, irrefutable research, on-trend forecasts and strategic guidance to leading companies around the world, empowering them to capitalize on emerging trends. Fashion Snoops inspires creativity powered by cutting edge internet technology making it your space to create.

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