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Winter/Spring 2017 Style Report

High Point Market Style Spotters select the looks to look for in the new year

Those of us in the design and furnishings industries devotedly look forward to High Point Market twice each year. To me, it’s the best market (in the world!), and I’m never disappointed. I am continually refreshed with new design inspiration and creativity, and I leave as a better interior designer and business owner. Market is definitely a must see, must do event!

Over the past several years, I have been asked to help select, and then lead the Style Spotters, eight dynamic tastemakers who are tasked with identifying the best items and trends at each Market. As you will see, the talented 2016 team has provided great selections of the hottest objects. So please, get comfortable, sit back and enjoy their review.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Spring 2017 High Point Market, April 22-26.

Michelle Jennings Wiebe, ASID
Studio M President
Style Spotter Emeritus
High Point Market Board Member


A cultural enthusiast and passionate entrepreneur, Malene collaborates with international artisans to create handcrafted custom carpets, inspired wallcoverings, and artisan tiles for her company, Malene B. Her luxe creations have enlivened premier hotels, iconic office buildings, and sophisticated private spaces.

Diamond Patterns

Diamond patterns are timeless. They are often seen in a small repeat but when enlarged, they make bold statements in a room. Their prominence at Market indicated how the classic pattern can be reinterpreted in a modern way.

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Indigo Rules

Everywhere I turned I saw indigo inspired accessories, rugs, accent tables, throws, fine art, and more. Each piece merged the timeless color with contemporary design, inspired by dyeing techniques from around the world, showcasing the range of the hue.

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Currently working in Dubai as Interior Design Manager for Ellington, and with a resume that includes stops in Montreal and Manhattan, Western Alberta, Qatar and the UAE, Laura brings a truly global perspective to this year’s team. LEED accredited since 2006, she has a thorough understanding of green building, and enjoys visiting factories to see construction and finishing techniques firsthand.

Experimental Curation

Less a trend than a direction, I noticed pieces that were a personal and joyful approach to living a life of style and color regardless of fads. Designers Sarah Dolce and Peter Sinnott created a beautiful, welcoming, and one of a kind NY loft-inspired living room by re-envisioning Chaddock Home’s traditionally classic pieces with color, texture and pattern. I cannot help but feel at home with pieces that make me smile. Ceramics with legs, accessories with attitude, and tables with bright color or dynamic forms in beautiful textures can bring a space to a new and unexpected life.

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Directed Forms

I loved seeing a strong use of materials in bold and dynamic contemporary ways. The pieces I fell for could easily lead the eye through a space, while treating interiors like art allowed for a beautiful play of relationships in items that point at others, create a backdrop or add drama to another element. Dynamic angles and forms created unique focal points. Antiqued bronze, burl wood, and iron black finishes really made a statement through the show. Also evident was a great use of positive and negative space to create drama, as in tube leg frames in metallic finishes supporting heavier pieces, raising the viewer’s eye, and lifting the visual weight off of the floor.

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One of Traditional Home’s “10 New Trad” designers for 2015, Marie is an award winning interior designer whose passion and achievements have positioned her as one of the nation’s best. Drawing from her roots and education in commercial architecture, she excels in the integration of interior and structure, and makes her mark with a personal touch of refined elegance and innovative simplicity.

Expect the Unexpected

Some prefer a room that boasts glitz and glamour while others prefer a more natural vibe, but most of us like to have a taste of it all, and Fall Market was built for just that. Raw met polished, bright colors sidled up to moody ones, and deconstructed elements were united with those that are more highly refined. These combinations made my heart skip a beat and I felt particularly drawn to the union of high contrast textures. From glossy tabletops that adorned rough hewn metal legs to streamlined chair frames accented by natural fiber seating, Market was a celebration of design elements that surprise and delight.

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Sophisticated Grandeur

As far as Fall Market was concerned, all that glitters really is gold, especially when that glitter comes in the form of lavish metals, luxurious fabrics, and saturated hues like Lily Pad Green and Indigo Blue. Although I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the company of a neutral color palette and raw, organic textures, it was a joy to see that sultry gem tones and lush fabrics and finishes are continuing to make themselves comfortable on everything from furniture and rugs to lighting and wallpaper. And these exquisite elements are not solely reserved for traditional homeowners any longer; they’re popping up on sleek, contemporary pieces as well, taking on a highly tailored tone that nobody can resist.

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Laying it on the Line

As a passionate believer in symmetry, I was immediately captivated by the wealth of linear channeling, pleating, and quilting I saw at Market. Showrooms were awash with textural interest as pieces covered in everything from velvet to leather were busy flaunting their stylish new lines. I walked away with a refreshing reminder that the beauty of any exquisite design will always live in the details fashioned through quality craftsmanship.

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Recognized as one of Domaine's Young Interior Designers to Watch and Wayfair's 2015 Rising Star, Brynn Olson honed her craft under Nate Berkus before founding her eponymous firm in 2012. Inspired by her credence, “How you shape your space will shape your day™” Brynn believes the power of a well-designed interior greatly impacts beyond the aesthetic on individuals who live, work or interact with the space.

Facet-nating Details

Strong geometrics remain on trend this Market and the facet-shape, in particular, continued to pop up in various sizes and types of furnishings. Bernhardt’s Mosaic Cocktail Table displayed oversized, architectural facets proudly on its perimeter while the pattern on Four Hand’s Cru Mirror remained small and dainty, but still packing a design punch. Other furnishings exhibited the facet form in 2-D patterns such as the stunning Callahan Cabinet by Palecek proving that this facet-nating detail is a trending force to be reckoned with.

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Artistic Creed

Painted, sculpted, chiseled, oh my! A turn away from the assembly line toward an artistic creed was present in all forms this Market. Painterly details could be found everywhere, from Mitchell Black’s Large Cauldron wallcovering to Currey & Company’s Brill Lamp with dramatic singular strokes of gold. The entire product line from Arete Collection, the brainchild of an American born sculptor, dazzled as functional art for your wall. Chiseled wood details transform Noir’s Desdemona Sideboard from a functional cabinet into a living sculpture, and make this trend a triple threat of beauty, brains and individuality.

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A Table for Two (or more!)

“Form follows function” ruled this fall in an exciting trend of specially shaped tables designed to stand alone or in a grouping to offer flexibility to any space large or small. Highland House’s Emmett Bunching Tables were displayed in a grouping of three as a coffee table but one alone can hold its weight as an architecturally interesting side table. Darryl Carter’s collection for Baker Furniture’s Milling Road produced the Patterson Cocktail table and the Fold Accent Table both following suit of those same ideals. Global Views T-Flex table can be pieced together like a puzzle to achieve your most ideal spatial needs confirming Sullivan’s ideology trends true this Market.

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From her home base in Los Angeles, Anne brings her signature smart yet stylish approach to fashion, interiors, entertaining and more. Anne began her career working as a consumer strategist in Manhattan, and has developed into a full-time content creator. In 2010 she co-founded the online lifestyle Rue Magazine, and she now contributes regularly to a range of media outlets.

Charming Chartreuse

Not quite yellow and not quite green, chartreuse was this Market’s color chameleon. The eye-catching hue proved to be surprisingly versatile, appearing on velvet upholstery for a louche 70’s vibe, on rattan resort furniture for a breezy island sensibility, and on accents such as pillows and lighting for a spirited touch of sass throughout the home. Designers further demonstrated its versatility by combining it in a variety of palettes. Paired with white and other brights the effect was playful and fun; and in partnership with deep colors and jewel tones, major drama ensues. With so much to offer, could chartreuse be the new black?

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Circle Up

A return to formalism was everywhere this Market, with pure shapes and lines taking precedence over elaborate adornment. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the prevalence of bold circle silhouettes across all categories. In lighting and tabletop items, accent furniture and soft goods, the circle received top billing and was further underscored by metallic framing and slicing to create a sense of contrast that emphasizes its perennial power. The result is furnishings with serious sculptural presence, decor that does double duty as art, and show-stopping pieces that inject a contemporary flair into interiors of all styles.

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Based in Houston, Texas, Laura is best known for her luxurious, livable interiors. Her signature Classically Current© style has gained global recognition for bridging the gap between high design and practical living. She combines clean lines with an unexpected infusion of color to create a comfortable, yet bold, aesthetic.

Handsome Details

Warm and masculine detailing had a strong presence at October Market. After seasons of crisp white upholstery and bright brass frames, we see the industry turning to tailored pieces wrapped in leather and wool. Structured lighting and accessories with thoughtful details – like hexagonal crystal in an antique brass base of the same shape – were in multiple showrooms. Dark and rich color palettes were prevalent. Burled wood, pieces fully wrapped in caramel leather, topstitching, and contrast-color nail heads were beautiful materials I noticed in many new – and handsome – introductions.

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Edgy Contemporary

Multiple design houses tastefully tested our limits this fall! I saw plenty of edgy and contemporary pieces with clean lines and daring features. Playful accents, such as the spikes on the SHO Modern Danger table (wrapped in black leather to boot), were innovative takes on classic pieces. Black was back in a big way and it made an appearance on several items I loved from Spring Market, like the nightstand wrapped in black vellum with a high gloss finish by Julian Chichester. In addition, acrylic is still en vogue but made quieter appearances. I loved seeing acrylic as a base on the Montauk chair by Laura Rottet.

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Interior designer, spokesperson, and speaker, Erika started in the design-build industry as an accountant. Following her passion, she created Erika Ward Interiors, a highly successful business, named as a top design firm by Atlanta Tribune for two consecutive years. Her influential voice has led to marketing collaborations with leading brands such as Home Depot, S.C. Johnson, and Beazer Homes.

Disappearing Acts

Though mysterious and at times elusive, transparency made a profound appearance at Fall Market. If you weren’t careful, you’d nearly miss a bevy of gems hidden in plain sight. Crystal clear objects ranging from wall sconces to occasional tables to seating graced showroom floors yet performed disappearing acts like a crafty magician in a modern day magic show. Disappearing and reappearing pieces such as the Pierre Acrylic Backgammon Table from Interlude Home were crafted from materials such as acrylic, bubble glass, or lucite. Though deceptively beautiful, each piece donned a classic silhouette yet provided a mysterious way of giving visual weight to negative space.

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Peak Performance

For years homeowners have been holding their collective breath for the world to deliver a high performing yet luxurious textile that would stand up to life’s beautiful messes. Lo and behold, Fall Market ushered in a game-changer fabric – Crypton Home. Collaboration with brands like Thibaut made it possible to have fabulous, on-trend animal prints such as their Menagerie collection. Even better, timeless classics like Thayer Coggins’ Milo Baughman T Back Chair can now boast luxurious velvet upholstery that lasts as long as its frame. We’re all excited to see how this response to market demand changes the way we live in our homes.

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A Southerner with a deep rooted connection to Scotland, who currently lives in San Francisco, Scot is renowned for his timeless design and magnetic personality. An interior design icon, his signature style highlights European and Southern sensibilities, sartorial influences, and bold prints, is inspired by his heritage, informed by 13 years of experience working with Ralph Lauren, and expressed in commercial and residential projects across the United States.

Make America Colorful Again!

I'll openly admit that my eye is almost always drawn to color. Brash turquoises. Fire-engine reds. Vibrant apple greens. Everywhere I looked at Fall Market – I saw a welcome wealth of saturated hues boldly used.

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The Chinoiserie Effect

Bold choices means a bold impact. I was seeing Asian-inspired patterns – in textiles, furniture details, and wall coverings – across the width and breadth of High Point. Echoing the trend in colors – these vignettes took chinoiserie patterns to the next level!

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