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Trend Themes: English Rose and Aura

Spring/Summer 2018 styles expected to express individuality and mindful spirituality

English Rose is the idea of eclectic living. This story celebrates the individual in its utmost form. Our world today is championing diversity from every angle, we are celebrating what makes us uniquely us. We are in a boom of self-expression, as consumers look to express their identity through discovery thanks to usage of technology and travel.

Pushing the boundaries of Era, Medium, and Age, a mix and match mentality is born. Spaces are brought to life with a unique flair representative of worldly finds, artistic curation, and playful color mixes. The idea of chaotic harmony derives from eccentric yet confident individuals, whose cross-cultural reference with vibrant decor transforms living spaces into unusual displays. Vintage furniture paired with contemporary influences leads to quirky friendships in the home, as the combination of old versus new brings a whimsical flair to interiors.

Aura draws upon our intrinsic relationship with the Earth, in which shamanism and ancient rituals influence the free spirited mind. We embrace the union of the mind, body, and soul where spiritual awakening offers a clear sense of purpose. With overconsumption at its highest rate, consumers are craving sensory driven products and heightened experiences. Of the new heightened experiences coming forth, spiritual tourism is leading the trend as people are yearning to understand local cultures on a deeper level rather than just observing from afar.

Aura brings an ethereal element to design, honing in on spirituality. On the journey toward self-discovery and acceptance, individuals are looking to nature for its wisdom. The idea of rejecting a digital world and choosing to focus on mindfulness and meditation has become a ritual. Looking towards flowers and the outdoors for peace and quiet has become essential. With a keen focus on raising the vibration, interior spaces have developed a whimsical aesthetic.