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Kelli Ellis Defines Luxurious Spaces

Create a harmony of elements to evoke a mood

The words “luxury interior” once evoked images of formal, shiny, fussily pristine designs. Thank goodness that’s no longer the case. Like a stunning head-to-toe ensemble, today’s luxurious spaces are raw, refined, and vintage, harmoniously unified by color. These four elements represent the vastly different projects that have molded my professional style recently, whether my clients prefer a modern, traditional, transitional or rustic look. To make them work across such a wide range of projects, it is essential to have a well-balanced pool of vendor resources. Here’s a look into my favorite sources for bringing this vision of luxury to life.


Raw may seem the antithesis to luxury, yet there's something warm and comforting about a space that encompasses raw, natural materials. You can't help but feel grounded, down to earth and environmentally friendly. Using natural materials in your design space is not only good for the environment, it's also totally on trend. You're seeing companies like Noir Trading/CFC, Peninsula Home Collection, and Four Hands put their own spin on sustainable furnishings.

Noir Furniture and CFC build their furniture the old-fashioned way, using high quality, properly dried solid wood. What's so great about Noir and CFC product is the ability to complement multiple interior design styles including classical, traditional, mid-century modern and contemporary. Plus, CFC is made in the USA.

Peninsula Home brings us its traditional designs from Peru. As a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, they make every effort to deliver environmentally friendly products, using certified woods and materials that minimize their impact on the planet.

Four Hands makes it a priority to provide sustainable materials from around the world to its Designer Circle. Their reclaimed collections including Post & Rail, Settler, Toscana, Irish Coast and Cornwall use a mix of solid FSC-certified woods.


Probably the most popular category in all of my projects over the last year has been refined, modern designs. Some of my favorite vendors who perfect the modern style are Sunpan Modern Home, Jonathan Adler, and Worlds Away. As you can see below, they all came together beautifully in the kitchen seating area I designed for E!'s Maria Menounos.

Sunpan Modern is my go-to for contemporary furnishings, especially seating. Their home furnishings collections complement every design I've paired the company with. You will find not only neutral tones, but also stunning pops of color.

I can always count on Worlds Away to deliver stunning, handcrafted metal furniture. And although I use them for many of my modern designs, Worlds Away is moving toward more transitional pieces that could relate to today's interiors and still hint at the past.


When I met Heather Vieira, founder of 20th Century by HKFA, I was drawn in by the narrative of her furnishings. To me, vintage design holds a story behind every piece – the history, the character. I love the richness and elegance just a few home décor items can add to a space.

If you're looking for antique-like pieces but don't have the budget, two of my favorite vintage design companies are Luna Bella and Bobo Intriguing Objects.

Luna Bella's product line is whimsical and light with a touch of vintage. It spans a range that runs from furniture and lighting to clocks and accessories. If you haven't seen their lighting pieces in person, their Market showroom is surely worth a visit.

Bourgeois Bohemian Intriguing Objects is the perfect name for this eclectic company. From the array of product lines to its antique shop, it's sure to produce special pieces for your next design project. Walking into this giant showroom at High Point Market transports you into a different era.


Color can tell you a lot about a person. It’s one of the most powerful elements in design because it can create moods and feelings. Instead of asking your client what colors they like, ask them how they want to feel when they are in their bedroom, kitchen, bath, or living room and you'll know what colors to present. Remember that you can add color through a variety of items – including wall color, furniture, accessories, textiles and bedding – to unify a space.

Three elements, brought into harmony by using color to create the desired mood, this is how we create luxurious spaces today. Working with my favorite High Point Market exhibitors, I can bring this vision of luxury to life for clients whose tastes, desires, and sense of style vary widely.