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New Inspiration From Long Ago

Designer Michelle Workman creates a new style that recreates a bygone era

Product designers can take their inspirations from almost anywhere. Sometimes, they’ll come home from a vacation filled with ideas gained from the shapes and hues of another culture. Sometimes a thought arises as they gaze out upon the cityscape that stretches out beneath their office window. For acclaimed designer and former High Point Market Style Spotter Michelle Workman, the inspiration for her new trim collection for Pyar & Co. came from history.

Named “The Queen’s Conquest,” the collection captures the visual, social, and historical drama created by two of history’s greatest women, Queen Isabella of Spain and England’s Elizabeth I. Specifically, Workman combined ideas from two seemingly unrelated aspects of the era, the seafaring trade and the somewhat less than public parts of these regal women’s wardrobes.

We see these inspirations in color palettes taken from seashells, such as the peaches and pinks of the Queen Conch, and the blues and teal of Abalone. The neutrals are derived from the off white, natural, and blush shades of corsets and petticoats from the 15th and 16th centuries. Then, the uniforms, snapping sails and timber of the royal navies further informs the collection's palette with deep blues, braided golds, and rich browns.

Michelle’s designs feature a pristine balance of light and dark, and feminine and masculine elements. The extraordinary artistry and craftsmanship of Pyar & Co. bring her ideas to life in intricate hand detailing and beading, paired with a melody of fanciful fabrics, including linen, jute, silk, and satin. Produced in widths larger than traditional trim, each four-to-six inch wide piece goes beyond an ornamental edge to create an entirely unique and fresh application.

Steeped in history, totally up to date, exquisitely crafted, "The Queen’s Conquest” Michelle Workman for Pyar & Co. collection shows how inspirations from centuries past shape our choices in the present and future. See the unveiling at Fall 2016 High Point Market, in the Pyar & Co. showroom, Suites at Market Square (mezzanine level), M-8070.

About Michelle Workman

One of America’s most sought-after interior designers, Michelle has designed high-end residential and commercial spaces from coast to coast. Her esteemed client roster includes members of the Hollywood elite, such as Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta & Kelly Preston and Kirstie Alley; Silicon Valley executives and entrepreneurs; and individual homeowners who desire elegantly glamorous, trend-setting design. Michelle's signature style is a mingling of the modern and vintage that embodies the spirit and style of the individual whose home is being transformed.