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Old Havana - A Coming Trend for 2017

Fashion Snoops forecasts a style defined by repurposed relics and sun bleached hues

As America’s long-standing trade embargo with Cuba eases, the doors to this once forbidden island swing open. Bracing itself for a fresh inflow of tourists, the country also prepares for its emergence into the 21st century, and brings its vibrant style to stateside shores.

Old Havana encompasses the classic origins of the island's rich heritage traditions. Cuba’s timeless appearance inspires retro repurposed relics and a refined approach to aged detailing.

Reinterpretations of art deco styling in gold and sun bleached hues recall the idyllic pace of island living, giving a fresh take to spring trends. Vintage elements adorn shapes, creating a sense of authenticity through tradition and craft. Old Havana offers a vibrant yet laid back look that finds new inspirations in a rich heritage.

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