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Some Suite Spots for Sweet Finds

Rachel Cannon highlights Louisiana artisans in her Suites at Market Square tour

“I use Market as my sit-test, touch-test and close-up inspection test for the pieces I think will work for my clients. I like to tell them I’ve sat on every cushion a supplier offers and am confident I’ve made the right choice,” says Rachel Cannon, owner of Rachel Cannon Limited Interiors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During her Fall 2016 Market Suite Spot Tour, Cannon gave an engaged group of designers an up-close experience of unique suppliers who exceed her high standards for creativity, product quality and impeccable customer service.

“I wanted to showcase vendors who aren't necessarily major industry players with huge, elaborate showrooms or ad campaigns. These companies are relatively small, or are just starting out. I have worked with most of them, and in all cases, I have admired their products from Market to Market. Meeting the owners and learning their stories is a great way to determine whether to partner with them on client projects,” said Cannon, who also explained why the selected exhibitors appealed to her.

Nashville Rug Gallery

Boutique weaving operation and collector of fine semi-antique carpets

“They offer the most beautiful rugs from around the world and make it so easy for clients to see the rugs in their homes by delivering directly from their warehouse in Nashville. This is an invaluable service and something most rug stores consider to be a headache. They split the selling price of the rug and there are no games or gimmicks. A joy to work with!”

Louise Gaskill Co.

Original chandelier and lamp designs

“This is one of the most unique and gorgeous lighting collections I've seen. Louise's combinations of vintage Murano glass, metal, crystal, and leafing are stunning. Not every client will 'get it' but the ones who do are hooked.”

Alexis Walter Art

Mixed media artist

“Alexis is down the road from me in New Orleans, and I love to support Louisiana businesses. Her work is always so spot-on in terms of color and technique, and she too will bring pieces to our clients to try in their homes.”

Ashton Shaw Despot

Impressionist painter

“Ashton is an artist I met years ago when she first showed her work in Baton Rouge. Her landscape paintings are fresh and soft and lovely. My clients always tell me they find these pieces to be very soothing.”

Michael J. Clement

Ceramic handcrafted lamps and accessories

“Michael is also based in New Orleans, and his bowls, lamps, and jars are original yet functional works of art. He is able to elevate an everyday product into a one-of-a-kind accessory that my clients proudly display and use!”


Authentic fine art glicees with a wide range of framing options

“I love CHC's concept that originals can be the inspiration behind every work and their selection of large pieces and murals. I use CHC to fill larger voids of wall space because the work and technique is in keeping with my overall aesthetic, while the price is attractive for clients who aren’t used to the high costs generally associated with art of this size.”

Times Two Design

Inspired home accessories from the earth

“Their products are quirky, fun, and always entertaining. So much of design can seem pretentious and brand-driven, However, Times Two, while building its own strong brand, does not take itself too seriously. A quartz fragment on a pair of duck feet...I mean, how hilarious is that?”

The Suites at Market Square is always one of Cannon’s destinations for new vendor exploration because it features more than 340 exhibitors in three floors of temporary space. “I don’t generally plan my trip to Market with a specific objective, but I’m always looking for dynamic pieces that catch my eye, superior quality in construction, and the way the company interacts with us.

Cannon encourages Market guests to use their time as both an opportunity to investigate potential new vendors and to deepen relationships with those who have proven to be valuable resources. At-Market interactions with a supplier can have a long-lasting impact on how the relationship develops, as well as the outcome of specific projects and initiatives. “Most smaller vendors, like the ones we visited in the Suite Spot tour, have a very personal approach to working with designers. When you work with larger companies you must build strong connections with your sales reps, especially if you are a designer without a design center nearby. Your rep is your boots-on-the-ground, the person who will make things happen for you. They become part of your team, and they celebrate your successes. Whenever possible, I make time to see them at Market.”