FALL MARKET/October 18-23


A broad, colorful vision for 2014

Leatrice Eiseman’s message is clear. “Consumers are becoming increasingly color savvy and color aware,” the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute® advises. “With consumers seeking distinctive styling and considerable substance more than ever before,” Eiseman continues, “it is critical that retailers and designers be aware of future color trends. To successfully entice consumers, colors and color combinations must be appealing, evocative, transformative and most importantly, on-target.”

As we start to prepare for Fall Market, then, let’s take a second look at the Pantone® View home and interiors color trend forecast for 2014. The quest to be “on-target” with consumers resulted in nine palettes offering a broad range of direction and design possibilities. As the Pantone® View home + interiors 2014 document explains, “in this complex and information-laden world, there is a multiplicity of resources that inform color and design directions.”

Pantone describes the nine palettes for 2014 as follows:

Techno Color: “…a melding of both vibrant and deep hues frequently executed in reflective surfaces.”

Physicality: “…speaks to the colors of power and energy counter-balanced by the presence of the hues that express the necessity for introspection and calm…”

Sculpted Simplicity: “… Colors are unassuming and do not take center stage… sophisticated… distinctively nuanced… elegantly harmonized...”

Fluidity: “…understands the inevitable human need for life-sustaining cool water tones rendered largely in dazzling blues and blue-greens.”

Collage: “…a charming mélange of artfully constructed designs that demonstrate ingenuity and resourcefulness. There is poignancy in this palette...”

Intimacy: “…tints and tones that are inviting in nature and softly tactile, closely connected, yet subtly different; a happy marriage of adaptable warm, cool and neutral tones.”

Moda: “… svelte and voluptuous… speaks of attention to detail and the drama of high fashion ... Combinations can be theatrical in nature, displaying fashionable or whimsical flourishes, but… with tasteful finesse.”

Tribal Threads: “…as varied as the tribal diversity they represent... Color combinations may be disarmingly simple or as complex as inter-woven threads.”

Eccentricities: “… a sense of adventure, wit, experimentation and discovery … ‘tongue in cheek’… and highly original in color juxtapositioning and cleverly conceived in evocative combinations…”

All palette description excerpts above are from Pantone. For the complete descriptions, download the PDF from Pantone.