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Grow Your Network, Grow Your Business

The right referral partners are the foundation of a rising design business, by Vicky Serany, Southern Studio

The interior design business is all about relationships. As I’ve watched my firm grow, one key element to our success has been our referral partners. Nurturing these relationships takes time and effort, but it is certainly a wonderful way to not just grow our business, but also to maintain it, year in and year out.

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MyMarket App Makes Market Yours

Find, save, schedule, share – and map – your Market showrooms and events

Easy to use search tools help you find the showrooms, learning experiences, and networking events you want. Set the day you’d like to visit each showroom. Save your choices – in the app or on our website – and they’ll stay in sync in the app and on the website. At Market, enjoy blue dot navigation from building to building, and showroom to showroom in some of our most popular buildings.

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At-Market Dining Options

Your guide to restaurants, snack bars, and food trucks at High Point Market

Many of our exhibitors and buildings offer free breakfast, lunch, beverages, snacks and cocktails to buyers throughout Market Week. We also provide a wide range of commercial options for guests who would like a more private meal, something a little different, or just a quick knosh or pick-me-up between showroom visits.

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Growing A Business With Intention

Focusing on more than profit, you can find better reasons to grow, by Cheryl Beachy Stauffer

I wanted to be a business owner far before I realized what I wanted my specialty to be. My heart told me that by owning my own business, I could benefit my community. So, it was very natural for me to begin with the idea of service: service to my clients and service to the world.

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Fee-setting Secrets For Designers

By Michelle Jennings Wiebe, ASID, President & Principal Designer, Studio M Inc.

Setting fees. Serving clients. Making money. As a business owner, these are three of my top responsibilities. They’re related. If our fees aren’t set correctly, it’s hard to provide exceptional service, and impossible to make a profit. My 26-plus years running an interior design firm that specializes in luxury residential new construction – with projects all over the country – have shown me a few ways to make sure we set the right fees.

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Age of Influence

Retailers and tech experts discuss the power of online reviews to turn browsers into buyers

For home furnishings retailers trying to convert website visitors into retail shoppers, tapping into online customer reviews is the next frontier. Whether through sales staff incentives, customer follow-ups or engaging a specialized technology partner, the results are worth the effort.

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The Digital Doorway

Web strategy sessions help retailers engage and convert online visitors

Converting digital visits to in-store sales is top of mind for most furniture retailers, as traditional sales models are ineffective in reaching customers as they research options online. According to technology presenting at Market seminars, the key to capturing customers before they click away lies in creating an interactive, mobile-friendly site that speaks their language.

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What Inspires You?

Re-motivate at the Interior Design Summit, by Gail Doby, business transformation coach

The pace of being an interior designer – particularly an interior design firm owner – is spiraling out of control. If you’re like many of your peers, you’re struggling to stay motivated, inspired, and on top of the avalanche of information you see every day. What’s the solution? For me, learning new ideas, connecting with like-minded people, and traveling always work to refill my tank.

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The Retail Tech Innovation School

Retailer Resource Center is a go-to destination for ideas and strategies, by Robert Bell

Good luck catching up with Joe Critelli at High Point Market. His packed schedule keeps him on the run, from showroom to showroom, morning to night. But buying product is only part of the exciting chaos of Market. To stay on top of the technology he needs to run an old-fashioned furniture store in a digital world, Critelli hits the Home Furnishings Association’s Retailer Resource Center.

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A Gathering Of Leaders

Our industry’s best meet at the American Home Furnishings Hall Of Fame Induction Celebration

If you’ve ever wanted to spend some time with the most exceptional individuals in home furnishings, mark your calendar for 5:30pm Sunday, October 15. “The American Home Furnishings Hall Of Fame Induction Celebration is the industry’s biggest networking event,” says Bob Maricich, president of the Hall of Fame Foundation board of directors.

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Drive Traffic With Facebook LIVE

Web4Retail CEO Denise Keniston shows how to use social media to promote your store

Facebook isn’t new. To say that every business needs to be on Facebook now would be a major understatement – but on in what ways? A lot has changed since the world’s largest social network first entered the marketing scene. Today, you can do things many of us wouldn’t have dreamed of 10 years ago: host 360-degree videos, target ads with pinpoint accuracy, and sell products via chatbot.

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The Millennial Market MO

The next generation of buyer shares tech tricks for maximizing every High Point minute

“Sometimes our older colleagues misinterpret what happens when we're glued to our phones. They don’t realize that we’re leveraging social media apps to enhance our Market visit and to use our time more efficiently,” said 29-year-old Jordan Barrick, Vice President with Quality Furniture of Mesquite, TX.

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Supercharge Your Market Visit

One inspiring experience delivers ideas you can use, fun networking, and a curated experience

If you’ve never shopped High Point, or it’s been a while since your last visit, the Interior Design Summit could be your perfect Market experience. Discover inspiring ideas and best practices from top designers and thought leaders. Visit curated showrooms. Enjoy fun social and networking events. Get a chance to win fabulous prizes – and earn .5 CEU credits. It all begins Friday, October 13.

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A One-stop Shopping Destination

Retail leader Bob Eaton finds everything he needs – including inspiration – in High Point

Bob Eaton has been attending High Point Market since 1990, and today it’s his only market. Owner of Dwell Living, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Eaton says, “There’s not a category that’s not available in High Point. You can get absolutely anything you need for your store. If you’ve never been – or haven’t been in a while – you’d be surprised.”

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Get High Point Right The First Time

The Interior Design Summit gives you 10 great reasons to make Fall 2017 your first Market

by Gail Doby, Business Transformation Coach

For many interior designers, High Point Market is an important and inspiring part of every spring and fall. However, first-time visitors can feel overwhelmed by the thought of navigating 2,000+ exhibitors and 11.5 million square feet of showroom space. If you have ever wished for an experienced guide to show you how to make Market work, your wish can come true, October 13 - 16.

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The Omnichannel Opportunity

Guiding customers on the fragmented journey from their phones to your store

Owning the moments that matter has always been the best strategy to win customers. Today, with 87% of furniture shoppers researching online before visiting a store, you want to be there as they click down each step on their path to purchase. At the High Point Market Keynote Session, Turn Web Traffic into Foot Traffic, an expert from Google showed how to capture those critical moments.

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How the Tiger Hunts High Point

American Furniture Warehouse President Jake Jabs shares his Market-working strategy

Jake Jabs, the 86-year old CEO and President of American Furniture Warehouse, is one of our industry’s most successful, recognized and honored leaders. Known as The American Tiger, from the title of his autobiography, he attended his 98th Market last April. Hunting for upholstered goods to stock his 14 Colorado and Arizona stores, he stopped to share his time-tested High Point strategy.

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Smart Shopping Strategies

Insights on how to make the most of your time at Market

by Gail Doby, Business Transformation Coach

So much to see, so much to do, so little time. Shopping High Point Market can be an overwhelming experience, especially for first-timers. After several visits, though, you’re sure to develop a few techniques to accomplish as much as possible in the time you have. Or, you just ask some of the pros who have already figured out how to get the most out of Market. That’s what we did. Here’s what they told us.

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Best Practices for Shopping Market

Four design leaders share strategies for finding what you want, quickly and efficiently

by Gail Doby, Business Transformation Coach

Presenting the world’s largest selection of home furnishings, spanning products in every category and style, at every price point, High Point Market is the one place where you’re sure to find that just-right item for your latest project. But when you’re shopping such an expansive event, to find what you want quickly, you have to prepare and organize.

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Plan to Make the Most of Market

Your nine step strategy for shopping success, from design pro Julia Kirkendall

by Gail Doby, Business Transformation Coach

Veteran interior design pro Julia Kirkendall, founder of Kirkendall Design, LLC, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has shopped High Point Market twice a year for 22 years. Talking with business transformation coach Gail Doby, she shared her top nine tips for maximizing your efficiency and return on every visit.

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Why You Simply Must Make It To Market

The benefits of coming to High Point go well beyond the world’s greatest product selection

by Gail Doby, Business Transformation Coach

It’s never an easy decision to take time away from your business. You have to feel sure the investment you make in time and expenses will be worth it. I have been attending High Point Market for many years, and I can honestly say I have never been disappointed. What I come away with has more than compensated me by improving my business as well as my design work.

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How To Set Fees and Attract Clients

Keys to solving two tough business challenges

by Gail Doby, Business Transformation Coach

Few topics are as complex as setting fees and attracting clients. They tend to be the most difficult concepts for interior designers to master. Drawing on her years of experience helping interior designers build successful businesses, Gail Doby of Design Success University reveals her keys to setting the right fees and getting the right clients.

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Plan Like a Pro

Prepare to make the most of Market Week

Market veterans tell us they usually come to High Point to strengthen relationships with current vendors, find new suppliers, scope out the trends that will sell in their stores, and network. Add it all up, and you have a lot to accomplish in just a few days. But with some careful front-end planning, you can create your optimal Market experience.

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The Market for Success

Record-breaking sales result from hands-on product research, face-to-face networking

Roger Hancock, owner of the Buffalo area’s Town and Country Furniture, considers the High Point Market his most valuable ongoing business investment since 1972. Planning his trips months in advance, Roger carefully schedules his time to research and source new products, enhance relationships with established vendors, and catch up with industry leaders whose wisdom helps guide his business decisions.

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The Essential Market

For Todd Lehman of Interiors Home, High Point is a marketplace of opportunity

The home furnishings business is a fashion business, that’s the main reason the Interiors Home team comes to High Point every spring and fall. Beyond just a place to shop for products, though, Market is where they find the inspirations, uncover the ideas, and form the business relationships that are essential to the company’s success.

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What It’s Really Like to Spend a Day at Market

Experience Market with Michael Baty of Chestnut Hall

by Sally Walker, StyleBlueprint

High Point Market. Never have three words been more like a siren song to those of us who adore interior design, revel in being insiders or simply want to lord it over our friends that we have “done” THE High Point Market, and not as a lookie-loo, but as the special guests of the owner of one of our favorite stores.

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The Leading Resource for Retail Leaders

For Peggy Burns, Sherry Sheely, and Dorian Stacy Sims, Market is a business-building event

Retailers from across the U.S. and around the world place a premium on attending High Point Market. For many, it is not just a shopping trip, but a key to their ongoing success. Three of America’s top retailers, Sherry Sheely of Ohio-based Sheely’s Furniture and Appliance, Dorian Stacy Sims of Stacy Furniture & Design in Texas, and Peggy Burns of Boston’s Circle Furniture, tell us how they build their businesses at Market.

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Bricks and Mortar vs. Ecommerce

Navigating the complexities of multiple distribution channels

by Bobby Berk

His experience as an etailer, brick and mortar store owner, and manufacturer has given Bobby Berk a unique perspective on the challenge of navigating the channels consumers use to research, shop, and buy home furnishings. Considering the issue from all three points of view, he identifies a few rules and practices that can benefit everyone.

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Creating Signature Styles

Weaving together ideas, stories, and dreams, Anthony Baratta creates bold, joyful spaces

Anthony Baratta does follow the rules, but since they are his rules, he’s not afraid to break them. Delving into the past, he stays ahead of the curve by reimagining enduring ideas and expressing them in unexpected textures, colors and forms. Considering his signature skating-on-the-edge style, Baratta explores his inspirations from the history of design through today’s latest products.

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The High Point (Hospitality) Market

Gary Inman shows hospitality buyers how to navigate this invaluable resource

Featuring the largest collection of furniture, lighting, and accessories of any trade show in the United States, High Point presents a depth and breadth of product choices that far surpasses what you’ll find at any hospitality trade show. Plus the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with the owners and senior management of the industry’s top manufacturers, as well as their marketing teams and sales force, makes Market an unsurpassed experience.

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24 Master Merchandising Tips

High Point showrooms reveal secrets of designing great displays

By Maria Killam

Created by some of the world’s leading designers, High Point Market showrooms are an unending source of inspiration, and offer a real education into how to construct compelling displays.

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Secrets of High Point Market

Handy tricks known only to insiders and veterans (until now)

Every great institution has a secret or two known only to the cognoscenti, like the peanut butter and bacon burger at Shake Shack or the hidden bunker at the Greenbrier. High Point Market is no different. Here, a few Market pros, whose names have been withheld for obvious reasons, share the inside skinny.

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Denise McGaha’s Top 5 Destinations

Leading Dallas designer and 2014 Style Spotter shares her favorite spots to shop

I love High Point Market, and no matter how many times I have attended, I get so excited when I pack my bags for my bi-annual trip to North Carolina.

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Michelle’s Market Must-Sees

By Michelle Jennings Wiebe, ASID

As President of Studio M, Style Spotter Emeritus, and High Point Market Authority board member, Michelle Jennings Wiebe knows the ins and outs of Market better than just about anyone. Recommending showrooms, restaurants, and places to stay, she shows you how to make your Market Week five full days of fabulous fun.

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Building Reliable Business Relationships

How to gain maximum value from your at-Market meetings

Leaders in every business sector know there is just no substitute for a business network built through years of face to face contact, eye to eye communication, and shoulder to shoulder initiatives. We asked seven home furnishings industry pros to tell us how they turn at-Market meetings into business relationships they can rely on anytime, anywhere.

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Where to Go for Go-to Classics

Four retail and design experts share their top spots to shop for enduring styles

Almost every Market showroom offers at least one item that transcends all trends, and will sell almost anywhere, across all age groups, in good times and bad. To help you select some stops to add to your next Market tour, we asked some of today’s top retailers and designers to tell us about their favorite places to find bread-and-butter furnishings.

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The Fabulous Fabrics of Market

Michelle Workman shares her favorite spots to shop for home textiles

When your design thoughts turn to color, they’re likely to move quickly into fabrics. Here are eight great places to find fabulous home textiles.

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Vintage Inspirations

Five fun and funky places to find treasures of a certain age

By Courtney of French Country Cottage

At the French Country Cottage blog, I explore a sense of style that is a delightful mix of rustic and elegant, shabby and sophisticated, focused on treasures that conjure memories and create conversations. At High Point Market, I find inspiration around every corner, in objects modern and traditional, colorful and neutral, weathered and wonderful.

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Pro Travel Tips

How to simplify your Market planning

Lee Allen, owner of Travel Quest Inc., the official Market Concierge, shares his best practices for planning your trip to High Point. Of course, if you want to make your travel planning super-simple, just give Travel Quest a call at 336.434.3867.

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Top 5 Reasons To Make Market a Must

Two retail pros discuss the bottom line benefits of Market

By Robert Bell, Editor, RetailerNOW

Hilmar Starcke has been president of Starcke Furniture since 1982. Early in his career, he made the trip to High Point Market every spring and fall, without fail. Then, he took a few years off, and chose to stay home while the rest of his fellow retailers converged on the most famous furniture city in the world.

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Pro Tips for a Most Productive Market

10 ways to maximize your High Point experience

by Donna Vining

Designer, home fashion blogger, and High Point Market pro Donna Vining shares advice on how to make your Market trip easy, comfortable, and cost-effective.

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Seven Steps to De-stress Your Market Planning

Get from home to showroom – and back – with ease

Scheduling your flight, reserving your rooms, finding the showrooms, seminars and events you want to see – planning for Market can seem daunting, but it really doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to make your preparations for Market Week as simple and cost-effective as possible.

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Later Can Be Better

Savvy shoppers share reasons for starting Market Week on Monday

By Robert Bell, Editor, RetailerNOW

For retailers and designers who can’t make it to the first two days of High Point Market, Donna Lane has a message: Relax, there’s no rush.

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Designer’s Guide to Market Part 2, Showroom Savvy

How to make the most of your exhibitor meetings

You’ve created a stellar Market schedule. Now, here are a few tips for how to make the most of your time with exhibitors.

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Designer’s Guide to Market,
Part 1

Setting your schedule and finding the right showrooms

High Point Market is a spectacular feast for the eyes and a trade show experience like no other. A little strategic planning will help you maximize your return on investment.

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Past Perfect: How and Where to Shop for Antiques and Reproductions

Our experts offer a quick tour of their favorite resources

Designers looking for mature furnishings and accessories no longer need separate buying trips to acquire treasures from times gone by.

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Rest and Refuel

Market pros suggest top spots to take a breather

For impact, energy, excitement, and sheer size, no other show matches the High Point Market. As you head out to explore our 180 buildings, you can be sure you’ll want to take a break every now and then. Don’t worry, when that happens, we have plenty of places to sit, stretch your legs, enjoy a refreshing beverage, and even get a bite to eat. To get some suggestions, we asked a few designers to reveal their favorite resting and refueling spots, and found options ranging from public locales to clandestine corners.

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Soft Goods How-to

Pro tips for finding the right fabrics for your business

At High Point Market, you’ll find dozens of soft goods vendors to explore, in a range of categories from rugs to tassels and trim, wall art to window coverings, pillows to throws. But how can you find the ones that will work best for your business? Here are a few tips to help you get started down the road to soft goods success.

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Off the Beaten Path

Diversions from the usual route can take you to a wonderland of inspiration

If you’ve never ventured out of the main buildings, you’re missing out on some dazzling new designers, inspirational artisans, and little known niches that will inspire your imagination and invigorate your business.

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Get Connected

Social events offer excellent opportunities to build your business network

Every spring and fall, about 75,000 retailers, designers, suppliers, reps, reporters, editors, customers, potential employees, interested investors, colleagues, and competitors come to experience the most important event in our industry.

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Insider Insights: Soft Goods

To firm up your bottom line, add soft goods to your merchandising mix

By Deb Barrett, founder, Soft Design Lab

Did you know: Fifty percent of all products specified in a space are covered in fabric, and soft furnishings, especially window coverings, can have the best margins and markups for your store, projects or studio?

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Insider Insights: Education

How to plan to learn at Market

High Point Market is known for great furnishings, but did you know it’s a leader in trend and business education, too? Twice a year, designers and retailers flock to the center of North Carolina not just to experience an unrivaled display of craftsmanship and creativity, but also to enjoy the most comprehensive offering of educational programs at any market.

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Accessories Guide

Lisa Mende’s Top 10 Tips for Finding Those Just-right Accessories at Market

If your first trip to the High Point Market is anything like mine, you’ll be amazed by the incredible number of showrooms, the vast expanse of exhibit space, and the dazzling displays – not to mention the breadth and depth of products on offer.

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