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Creating Signature Styles

Weaving together ideas, stories, and dreams, Anthony Baratta creates bold, joyful spaces

Anthony Baratta does follow the rules. However, since they are his rules, he’s not afraid to break them. After more than thirty years of creating audacious, exhilarating, and sometimes downright cheeky interiors for adoring clients around the world, Baratta enjoys a reputation for wild design, in your face expression and an almost psychic talent for rediscovering and reinventing the artistry of the past. His eclectic designs have been featured in more than 40 cover stories for publications such as Architectural Digest, House and Garden, House Beautiful, Coastal Living and The New York Times Magazine.

“The way we choose to decorate our homes is a huge reflection on our life!”

Clients are delighted to work with him, and he is attracted by their personalities and enthusiasm for the creative aspects of the project. “Budget is not a deciding factor. The design challenge is what matters. I enjoy working with people who are intrigued by the process, and have a fantasy dream that they trust me to unify in an unusual way. My designs are not for the faint of heart,” he notes. “The colors, the patterns, the textiles all weave a story. Mine happens to be bold, fearless and happy.”

Drawing from muses that include designer legends like Sister Parish, Billy Baldwin, Michael Taylor and Dorothy Draper, he skillfully dissects and reinterprets their work to make a fresh statement that is easily identifiable as his. He credits this ability to find and reinterpret designs from the past while embracing new ideas to years of trusted partnership with his late mentor and friend, Bill Diamond.

“I didn’t start my design career from scratch and I’m proud of it,” he says. “I consider those whose work I study to be my teachers in providing a continuity of American design. It can’t be copied, you just let it seep in.”

He proudly acknowledges that, depending upon the project, his designs swing from ultramodern to the most traditional of tastes. Delving into the past to explore themes that he will evolve to match the personality of his clients, Baratta stays ahead of the curve by consistently reimagining enduring ideas in new ways, and expressing them in unexpected textures, colors and forms. He also has the confidence and sense of adventure to pioneer new products as they are introduced.

“At Market, we uncover infinite ideas to inform our work and enrich our lives.”

High Point Market is a main source of inspiration for what the New York Times once described as his signature “skating on the edge” style. “High Point brings the whole home furnishings industry together,” he says, “in all its wonderful diversity, in camaraderie and friendship, for the kind of business building that can only be accomplished in person. I am enthusiastic about everything I see. This industry is so fashion-based, and at Market we experience new products and processes that we’d never find elsewhere. A trip to High Point gives me the opportunity to completely experience something new, to meet and talk with the people who make, sell and buy the products, and to make an educated decision about what I add to my tool box.”

Having spearheaded many changes in the industry, Baratta is captivated by the ebb and flow of styles, but does not like disposable trends. He criticizes the industry for not teaching consumers how to recognize quality and see the value in pieces that are sophisticated and well made.

“We must celebrate our American furniture brands.”

“I am staggered by the overwhelming pride our American manufacturers have in their craftsmanship. They are creating investment pieces that will be around years from now. So, it was a thrill to introduce my new collection of all-American furnishings with Thomasville at the Spring 2016 Market! I hope these pieces will be collected and revered over time, and become significant to the history of furniture design.”

For retailers and designers alike, the expansive showrooms and comprehensive selection of products at Market can be an unending source of inspiration. In this extensive offering we can experience not just the latest styles, but the entire history of home furnishings, and uncover the ideas that we can reinterpret and reimagine to help our customers live their dreams, in homes that tell their stories, in ways that are as exhilarating as their unique personalities.