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MyMarket App Even Better

Now features seamless street-to-showroom navigation in 6 popular buildings

If you don’t already have the app, go to the Apple App Store and search for “HPMKT.” Install it on your iPhone, and you’re ready to get started. If you have already installed the app, go to “Updates” in the App Store to make sure you have the latest version.

Sign In

Your MyMarket account is the same on our website and in the app.

Use your current User Name and Password to sign in. You may also use your Twitter or Facebook login.

If you don’t have a MyMarket account, you can create one directly from the app.


The MyMarket app home screen shows your selected exhibitors in alphabetical order and your selected events by day and time. The website and app stay perfectly in sync with each other, so no matter where you select an exhibitor or event, you will see it wherever you are.

Find Exhibitors

To find a showroom, you can key the exhibitor’s name, address, or showroom number into the search screen. You can also browse by Exhibitor Name by scrolling and using the alphabetical index along the right hand side, just as you would in the Apple Music app.

If you don’t know the exhibitor’s name or you just want to explore, use the Exhibitor Filters. You can select by product category, style, or price point. Plus, you can search by special options, such as Container Only, Green, Made in USA, Designer Friendly, Contract/Hospitality, and more. You can also show only those exhibitors who are in a certain building, and you can select by country.

Look up exhibitors and quickly add them to your MyMarket plan.

Apply filters to tailor your search to your needs.

All 70 product categories are available to refine your search.

View exhibitor descriptions, get contact information, and access website and social media links. Press the star to save an exhibitor to your MyMarket plan.

When you’re in High Point, tap “Navigate to Showroom” on the exhibitor’s page for blue dot navigation from your current location to the building’s front door – for all 180 Market buildings.

The app will tell you if indoor navigation is available for your destination building. Just tap the blue bar to access the floorplan map.

As you enter the IHFC building, 220 Elm, Center Point on Hamilton, Center Point on Manning, Center Point on Centennial, and Center Point on Russell, you will enjoy seamless navigation from the street to the showroom – and from showroom to showroom, even if your selected exhibitors are floors apart. Indoor navigation will be available for other multi-tenant buildings in future Markets.


Scroll through events by day, from morning to evening, to find your seminars, get-togethers, and networking opportunities.

View the event’s details to see its showroom or venue, who will be presenting, and whether food and beverages will be served.


The real magic of MyMarket is in the Map. You can quickly see where every exhibitor in your MyMarket plan – or every exhibitor at Market – is located, and just tap a location to get blue dot navigation.

Within IHFC, 220 Elm, and the four Centers of High Point (Hamilton, Manning, Centennial, and Russell), the app will guide you from where you’re standing to where you’re going – by the shortest route! In future Markets, you will be able to enjoy indoor navigation in additional buildings.

About Market

The About section displays showroom hours, future Market dates, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Plus, you can Explore Tips & Insights for helpful information on travel planning, finding showrooms, and how to make the most of your Market Week.