North Carolina Ports.
Where The Furniture Capital Meets The World.

Manufacturers and retailers enjoy quick, efficient access to a world of markets and resources

Port of new services

After the deals are made and the orders placed, there’s still the task of getting the materials and finished products where they need to be. North Carolina Ports are custom-made for the furniture industry. Whether you’re importing or exporting, we provide better, faster and more expansive service than ever before. In fact, ZIM Seven Star Express (Z7S) shipping line is now calling on the Port of Wilmington. This additional service significantly increases your connection to Asia. When combined with new waterside and landside services, our renowned efficiency and highly-trained port staff, NC Ports gives you a competitive advantage. Representatives from NC Ports will be at High Point Market to answer questions about utilizing our state-of-the-art port facilities.

Port of velocity and volume

At the Port of Wilmington, we’re world-class furniture movers. The port has one of the highest crane productivity rates on the United States East Coast, with more than 45 moves per hour in each of its post-Panamax cranes. On the ground, our truck turn times are approximately 18 minutes (from pedestal to pedestal) for a drop-off and an average of 30 minutes for drop-off and pick-up. Our efficiencies lead to a congestion-free port supporting our customers’ global supply chain needs. In addition, the port offers almost one million sq. ft. of prime covered and sprinklered storage, as well as 100+ acres of paved and 25 acres of semi-improved open storage area.

Port of connectivity

Container ships in and out of the Port of Wilmington grant worldwide access with direct connections to Asia, Latin America and Europe. The port also is strategically located to provide easy access to consumer markets on the East Coast and beyond. Within 1,000 miles/1,610 km of North Carolina’s borders are:

More than 170 million U.S. and Canadian consumers
More than 65 of the country’s top 100 metropolitan areas
Nearly 60% of total U.S. retail sales

The Port has existing on-dock rail, with plans for immediate expansion. These rail amenities link to an extensive regional network, including the new Queen City Express that enhances service to Western North Carolina.

Port of the future

NC Ports has more than $200,000,000 in current capital improvements underway, which enables customers to make long-term plans. The Port of Wilmington is expanding to accommodate multiple ultra-Panamax container ships simultaneously and to increase the speed and efficiency of loading and unloading vessels.

High Point is the furniture capital of the world. NC Ports is your gateway to the world. Talk to us. We’d love to help you move your furniture.