Tips & Insights

Off the Beaten Path

Diversions from the usual route can take you to a wonderland of inspiration

Like Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, letting curiosity guide your footsteps through High Point Market can transport you to enchanting destinations. If you’ve never ventured out of the main buildings, you’re missing out on some dazzling new designers, inspirational artisans, and little known niches that will inspire your imagination and invigorate your business.

While we don’t recommend chasing rabbits, we do encourage you to explore new avenues on your next trip to Market. To give you a taste of what’s out there, we spoke with a few designers about the hidden gems they have found beyond the beaten path.

“I need innovative, one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else has.”
- Libby Langdon, interior designer, author, and television personality

Maxwell Ryan, CEO and founder of Apartment Therapy Media, begins each Market at the same place. “I love to start my Saturday morning at BOBO Intriguing Objects and end my High Point journey at Cisco Brothers, an amazing showroom in an old factory. I've also stumbled into Verellen's showroom and LOVE it.”

High Point native Libby Langdon, an interior designer, author and television personality, has attended Market since she was a child and knows every nook and cranny. “When I’m designing spaces for clients,” says Langdon, “I need innovative, one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else has. I adore Red Egg. It’s super stylish Asian accent furniture and accessories lacquered in bright, bold colors.”

“We love seeing the new and innovative pieces …”
- Beth Dotolo, Pulp Design Studios

“I was introduced to Modern History Home for the first time this past Market and I’ve renamed it Mecca,” says Meredith Heron, principal of Meredith Heron Design. “I also discovered Reual James. They are one of the best kept secrets I’ve found.”

Pulp Design Studios partners Beth Dotolo and Caroline V. Gentry make a point to visit Pheromone, Ro-Sham-Beaux, V Rugs & Home and Callisto Home. “We love seeing the new and innovative pieces coming from these vendors,” says Dotolo. “They’re not your run-of-the-mill products. There’s real creativity in their offerings.”

“We like to shop the outlying showrooms north of the High Point epicenter …”
- Christi Barbour, partner, Barbour-Spangle Design

“The Suites at Market Square and IHFC's Interhall are the best places to scope out new vendors,” says Traci Zeller, interior designer and owner of Traci Zeller Inc. “I'm crazy about Taylor Burke Home, Cotton + Quill, and Piper Collection.”

Christi Barbour and Christi Spangle, partners in Barbour-Spangle Design, head north to find interesting outposts. “We like to shop the outlying showrooms north of the High Point epicenter such as Somerset Bay, Mr. Brown, Julian Chichester, CR Laine and Oly,” says Barbour. “These showrooms incorporate some of the freshest looks and trends we see. They inspire us each Market with their product introductions, display ideas and color stories.”

When it’s time to hit the showrooms this Market, let curiosity be your guide. Search for new vendors on the Find Exhibitors page, ask a fellow Market-goer for suggestions, follow the Style Spotters from our Find Events page, or just head outside and keep your eyes peeled as you walk from building to building. You’ll undoubtedly discover sources that leave you breathless, ecstatic and wondering why you never took this path before.