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One-of-a-Kind Finds

Six designers share their favorite sources for unique products

Canvassing the showrooms at High Point Market twice a year, Wanda Suitt-Horton is among the multitude of designers in search of unique sources. “Finding an exclusive resource, not only with great design, but also with customer service and support, is the holy grail,” says the owner of Wanda S. Horton Interiors.

Because not only are uncommon furnishings aesthetically appealing, they’re also a business strategy. “Given the amount of product that can be found online, unique items are one way a designer brings value to the table,” says Jeanne K. Chung, interior designer and editor of Cozy Stylish Chic. “One-of-a-kind pieces and customizable options are the wave of the future.”

To our delight, Chung, Horton and four other design cognoscenti from across North America agreed to divulge where they prospect for these elusive gems.

Currey & Co.

Currey & Co. is a longtime designer favorite for bringing flavor to interiors and designer Jason Oliver Nixon of MadCap Cottage is definitely a fan. “I hightail it to Currey for their incredible lighting, paired with exceptional case goods, furnishings and rugs.”

Suites at Market Square

Although he swears by select vendors, Nixon also lets serendipity play a role. “I fill in the blanks with the delightful array of finds conjured up by the up-and-comers who fill the Suites at Market Square.”

Theodore Alexander

Horton likes Theodore Alexander for upholstery. “They are able to customize pieces, not only for size, but with different arms, backs, legs and seat cushions. This is important for fitting a special client’s stature.”

John Strauss Furniture Design

John Strauss Furniture Design is another company I’ve explored over the last few years, and I’m collaborating with them on some custom pieces for a new-build project,” says Horton. “We currently have an eleven foot dining table in the works. It’s going to be a masterpiece!”

214 Modern Vintage

Horton includes 214 Modern Vintage in her showroom mix, as a great side trip to make while attending Market. “A retro, vibrant mix awaits!”

Serge de Troyer and B. Pila

Chung searches out several upscale furnishings sources. “Serge de Troyer and B. Pila are both a higher-end price point, but they both offer unique product that sets them apart from your average manufacturer.”

Wesley Hall

Chung looks to Wesley Hall for custom upholstery. “I can customize each piece of furniture for my clients by designing a custom nailhead pattern or adding a unique accent. I can tailor the design to the client’s color palette and design aesthetic.”

SkLO Studio

SkLO Studio is a manufacturer I always turn to for that finishing touch,” says Chung. “Their hand-blown glass lighting and accessories come in a variety of vibrant colors and are always conversation starters because of their bright, saturated hues.”

Made Goods and Phillips Collection

Made Goods and Phillips Collection are on Chung’s list for their consistent selection of furnishings employing a variety of natural materials such as agate, shell, jute and wood mixed with resin. “These materials are manipulated and the results are unlike other products found in the market.”

Antique and Design Center

Denise McGaha, of Denise McGaha Interiors isn’t shy about her favorite treasure trove. “I love the Antique and Design Center. I always stop there first to see who is showing and snag the best vintage pieces for my projects. I buy carpets, vintage lighting, art and sculpture. I even have purchased antique tableware and glassware.”

Alexis Walter Art and Tritter Feefer

Lisa Mende, owner of Lisa Mende Design, visits Alexis Walter Art for beautiful one-of-a-kind paintings and Tritter Feefer for organic elements such as selenite and agate, which she notes are available for cash and carry on the last day of Market.

Market Square and IHFC InterHall

“I always like to check out the temporary vendors in Market Square and IHFC InterHall,” says Jonathan Legate, principal of Jonathan Legate Interior Consultation and Design. “These are the new and up-and-coming vendors with a real focus on design.”

Natural Curiosities, Worlds Away, and Codarus

Legate has a few tried and trusted shops that he favors as well. “Vendors such as Natural Curiosities, Worlds Away, and Codarus always have on-trend and unique items.”

Successful designers know that High Point Market is the world’s most comprehensive and dynamic collection of old and new, large-scale and individually manufactured home furnishings. And each April and October, the Market weaves a different tale. “The world of design is always evolving,” says Legate. “I like vendors who understand this; whose constant is change.”

*Showroom hours are Saturday - Wednesday 8am-7pm. We strongly recommend scheduling appointments for any showrooms you intend to visit outside of these officially published hours.