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Designer Tool Simplifies Planning

Enjoy professional product specification plus one-click access to all Market exhibitors

By Jackie Von Tobel

Steelyard offers designers a great new tool for planning their Market visits. Formerly the Trade Only Design Library (TODL), this newly reimagined and redesigned designer-only website provides a trade-only product library of more than 100,000 products from vetted brands. This is not consumer e-commerce, but the deep product specification capabilities professional designers require, including finishes, line drawings, options, lead times, CAD and BIM attachments. Plus, it provides the ability to instantly order samples, request quotes, initiate orders, organize, save, and upload.

The new High Point Market Search & Planning Tool

On top of all that you can already do in Steelyard, they have partnered with High Point Market to take the entire Steelyard library and pare it down to just those brands and products that are showing at Market. It’s so easy, you almost don’t need a tutorial, but here are the highlights.

First, you need access, so if you aren’t already a member, get your membership at the Steelyard site or, if you already have a TODL membership, just use that. Either way, it’s free to interior designers. Once you’re logged in, select HPMKT – Spring 2016 under ‘Tradeshows + Markets’ on the left navigation bar. You can now either search for specific products in the keyword search or you can browse different product categories.

You’re immediately on search results of actual products – not a directory. If you want to go in and see the spec sheet or look at the entire catalog for that brand, just click the image itself and it launches the catalog instantly. When you find a product you like, just mouse over it and you’ll get a bar you can click to “Add to Your Must See List.” Click it once and you’re done. It’s on your “Must See List.” It’s that simple.

When you use Steelyard to plan for Market, you feel as if all of the hidden treasures of High Point have been revealed – and made available with just one click. Now, instead of hunting through multiple showrooms when you’re on the ground, you can target just the ones that have exactly what you want. Just go to your Must See List, select Location, and Steelyard organizes your whole list of selections by building.

There are too many features and ways to customize Steelyard and the High Point Market Search & Planner to give you an exhaustive review here, but this should be enough to get you started. Have a great time discovering Steelyard for yourself! We look forward to seeing you at the next High Point Market.

Award-winning lifestyle, interior and product designer, and author of the groundbreaking reference book series The Design Directory, Jackie is also co–founder of The Soft Design Lab, an online hub and source for education, information and inspiration for the design community. Her products cover a wide variety of home décor categories including fabrics, drapery hardware, tabletop, gift, garden, rugs, and more.