April 22-26, 2023

IHFC - IH302, Commerce, Floor 1 Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal) Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse


Casa Ispirata + Cavalletto Home

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Casa Ispirata is a whole-home furnishings company founded by a small group of industry veterans from Italy and the United States who share more than one hundred and fifty years of collective experience in the design and manufacture of furniture. Our process is guided by our passion for design, our commitment to building the type of furniture that we would place in our own homes, and our pledge to provide the same level of service and dependability that we would like to receive. Our style is informed by a combination of the brash confidence and energy of American design and the restrained elegance and austerity of modern Italian design. In particular, our aesthetic is centered around the incredible era of Italian-American alliances and partnerships in the automotive, film and fashion industries between 1965 and 1995. It is the confluence of these principles that sets the edge for our design language and endows our products with effortless sophistication and enduring value.