October 22-26, 2022

Plaza Suites - 1-727, Floor 1 Shuttle Stop: 9 (Green Line) Neighborhood: Downtown Main


Paarizaat Home

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Paarizaat International Ltd, ‘Paarizaat’ or ‘Paarizaat Home’, is one of Canada’s leading importers of Bed & Bath products. Our goal is simple: to combine modern design with functionality, giving you the best products for your Customer’s on the market. We aspire to excel in serving our Customers, associates and community, while improving access and affordability. Ultimately, we want to ensure that our Customers have access to best-in-class bed and bath products. Here at Paarizaat Home, we offer an array of products spanning from mattresses, pillows, towels and bath mats, to mattress protectors and sheets. We continuously source a consistent supply of well-made and well-priced items, ensuring they meet SGS and/or environmental standards. This year, Paarizaat has created an array of mattresses perfect to meet the unique needs of every Customer.

Paarizaat Is Back To Showcase Mattresses At The 2022 Sprint HPMKT