October 22-26, 2022

IHFC - H745, Hamilton, Floor 7 Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal) Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse



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Today, we have become one of the leading wholesalers of sofabeds in the United States, particularly in the Tri-state area. Founded with the aspiration to embellish indoor and outdoor spaces applying a distinct taste and touch while adhering to current trends and worthy customer demands, Ottomanson Inc. combines years of knowledge and experience within the home décor industry to best serve this aspiration. Always bearing function and fashion in mind as well as offering premium quality for a broad range of budgets. We take pride in our manufacturing, retailing, logistics and warehousing competencies which flourished from a modest business expanding to international growth and advanced customer service. Ottomanson’s mission is to further augment these competencies with the help of its professional and passionate administrative and operational staff in order to fully serve its commitment to high-quality standards and contemporary customer demands.

Furniture Today - Ottoman's Deep and Diversified Assortment

Customers looking for style-centric furniture that’s priced right, in-stock and ready to ship are finding a valuable partner in Ottomanson Inc.

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