Oct 14-18, 2023

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Salda Arredamenti

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Salda isn’t just the story of a Company, it’s the story of a family: the Besana Family who made passion their raison d’ètre, quality a value, manufacturing expertise a true heritage to be preserved, shared and enriched over time with inventiveness and elegance. Salda was founded at the beginning of the 19th century when Arcangelo Besana and his wife, who had been decorators for the royal family of Austria for some time, started up a craft business producing furniture and accessories for the great residences of the French nobility. Salda was born and raised in the heart of Brianza, the cradle of ancient furniture-making art, but above all a land full of know-how. The love for quality and craftsmanship, therefore, are part of its DNA. Awareness of the great opportunities offered by the global market has not changed the Company’s philosophy: today, as in the past, love for the “handmade” and a passion for precision and research guide its every activity. At Salda, research and quality are tools used to differentiate over time, to be current and to write the future. This is why Salda still chooses to invest in the talent of men and not in the speed of machines. This is why it continues to produce in Italy, the land of quality and creativity that offers the possibility of customizing each piece of furniture down to the smallest detail.

High Point Market

Craftsmanship at its best SALDA @ High Point Market Everything is ready for departure to High Point Market, the largest fair in the home furnishing sector in the world. SALDA will in fact participate with a selection of classic and contemporary pieces chosen for their main feature: the ability to

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