Suites At Market Square - M-4021, Mezzanine Shuttle Stop: 14 (Red/Green Line) Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm Corporate Phone: 0035699201055

Mediterranean Ceramics

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In 2008, David and Brian Grima decided to combine over 20 years worth of experience in the earthenware and ceramics industry, and set up Mediterranean Ceramics. Their ceramics studio, which is based in Malta,Europe, strives to bring together various international artists and ceramists. The studio holds close to heart the skills and spirit of Maltese and Mediterranean craftsmanship. The factory specialises ;in the production of customised ceramics, bespoke Lava stone tables and kitchens as well as made-to-measure steel works. This passion has driven Mediterranean Ceramics to establish itself as a brand of excellence and a leading player in the international scene in a short span of time.