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727 Sailbags

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"Make the most of the sails at the end of their sailing life and transform them into stylish, unique creations to give them a new lease of life and keep the dream alive : That is the philosophy that led to the creation of 727Sailbags and that accompanies the brand today.” Created 10 years ago and located in the heart of Sailing Valley, in the former submarine base in Lorient,FRANCE, 727Sailbags has established itself over the years as the reference in the market of design inspired by the sea. Handbags, decoration, luggage, in recycled sailcloth and their famous numbers, limited editions made from the sails of the most famous navigators, each product signed 727Sailbags conveys the passion of a company and its team for all things related to the ocean and the seaside. Each 727Sailbags creation is unique! Unique in its design and in the story told by its raw material: the sail. All the sails used to make 727Sailbags' products are recycled sails which come from all over the world. Cruise boats or racing vessels, optimists or legendary yachts, all give 727Sailbags the task of breathing new life into their sails. The history of the products is related on the authenticity labels present on each of the brand's products. 
 Ever since the beginning,727Sailbags has imposed its style by regularly proposing Limited Edition. 727Sailbags is about Oceans, Stories and Creations.