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Al Fresco Functional Fabrics

Market Square Tower - 405, Floor 4

Shuttle Stop: 29 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm

Corporate Phone: 336.889.8000

Al Fresco Functional Fabrics are constructed of the highest quality yarns to create woven fabrics that withstand the elements. Made in the USA, all fabrics are bleach-cleanable, anti-microbial, and UV resistant, with durable quality that you can expect for any lifestyle. But most of all, it’s comfortable - very comfortable - and breathable, too.

Originally geared for the outdoor upholstery market, Al Fresco Functional Fabrics can now be found throughout the home; from pools and porches to living rooms and kitchens. It’s the perfect fabric for home furnishings, because it addresses so many consumer concerns. Spills can be easily cleaned with soap and water, even bleach won't cause any damage or color fading.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative design and color with the highest quality for our customers.  In addition to dedicating ourselves to uphold this tradition, we also extend expedient delivery, obliging customer service, and an exceptional value. All goods are backed by a five year warranty. Al Fresco Functional Fabrics are designed to add an element of culture and conversation to your home, or anywhere you live comfortably.

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