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IL Fanale

220 Elm - 328, Level 3

Shuttle Stop: 4 (Green Line)

Neighborhood: Market Square & Elm

Corporate Phone: +39 0422 895200

Founded in 1979 in in the outskirts of Treviso, few miles north of Venice, Il Fanale creates lamps with a strong evocative and expressive potential, artworks with a long-time spirit, pieces that combine a sublime craftsmanship with the latest lighting techniques.
Every lamp of Il Fanale is a masterpiece of skill and art: exclusive production and a scientific approach guarantee the application of cutting-edge lighting techniques to unique handmade pieces good for different spaces, in a country or antique background or as historical mentions in contemporary locations.
The deep knowledge of raw materials (iron, brass, copper, ceramic and glass) and the accurate taste for the finishings give birth to a timeless products selection.
Il Fanale catalogue presents drawings from the past and modern redefinitions of traditional shapes keeping unchanged the materials. This precise tendency is also accompanied by the great sensitivity the company feels to light, for the emotions and atmospheres it creates.
Il Fanale production, 100% Made in Italy, is divided into interior lamps, outdoor and garden lamps with a wide range of models inspired by historical styles, materials and decorations.
Il Fanale lamps are present worldwide with prestigious works and projects of interior and landscape design.


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