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Alicia Dietz Studios

Mill Collective - 300 W. Broad Ave., 3rd Fl

Shuttle Stop: 27 (Red Line)

Neighborhood: North Elm

Corporate Phone: 804.536.8652

Alicia Dietz Studios designs and builds custom modern and timeless contemporary furniture with craftsmanship to last a lifetime. Specializing in solid wood and artisan-grade concrete, Alicia often combines the two desperate materials, creating a harmony that is reflective of her process and collaborative style. Working in partnership with the materials, designers, and clients, pieces are uniquely designed and built to fit both space and lifestyle.

Previously a Blackhawk Maintenance Test Pilot and Commander in the Army, Alicia understands the dedication and attention to detail required to fly an aircraft and build timeless pieces of furniture. What she really loves is the collaborative process of making – the way that each piece of lumber is different from the next, working with clients to incorporate their own histories into a custom piece, and designing quality furniture perfectly suited for each space.

Alicia’s work is part of Mill Collective, a creative space rich in fresh designs made in America by independent studios.

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