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Bertu Home

IHFC - IH201, Commerce, Floor 1
Area: InterHall

Shuttle Stop: 1 (Transportation Terminal)

Neighborhood: Commerce Concourse

Corporate Phone: 717.599.9991

Bertu Home is a modern, family owned company run by Gretta Jones. Gretta married into the Jones family of The Swanky Abode and Craft Associates Furniture and revived the Bertu brand. Bertu Home is commercial-grade with everything made almost completely out of solid wood. They pride themselves in the craftsmanship and quality of the furniture and of course being completely American made. The feel of the line is Organic Modern: comfortable, effortless, and elevated. Bertu Home made a name for itself in the marketplace as being the home of the original whitewash stump table. Most of the product line can also be made for outdoor use with a simple change of wood species and materials. Bertu teams up with Addison Jones, artist, photographer, and family member, to bring a breath of fresh air to High Point in Spring of 2022. Addison's art with Gretta's furniture design brings an exciting, youthful, and enduring collection.

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