Style Spotters Fall 2021 Preview

The new season comes alive in a dazzling display of dramatic designs

Clean, warm, and cozy. Organic and outside the box. Rich, bold, colors and silhouettes, as well as delicate forms and colors. Dramatic contrasts, fresh takes on classic shapes, and a fabulous new fabric collection from Iris Apfel. This is just some of what our Style Spotters can’t wait to experience at Fall Market.

Sara Malek Barney


Unique light fixtures are always a favorite of mine, so this lamp really caught my eye. I love how the shape makes it feel one of a kind; bringing a vintage, deco look with it's beautiful shape. I'm looking forward to getting to see the scale and amount of light it brings to a space up close at Market!

Lapis Wall Sconce in Vintage Brass


I'm a sucker for all things earthy and whimsical, and this ottoman ticks all the boxes for me! The beautiful, moss green color and the texture of the wool give off such an elevated, yet relaxed feel...and I'm living for it. I can't wait to give it a comfort test in person.

Lourdes Ottoman

Lauren Clement


I love the combination of materials here, marble in the beautiful stacked sound spheres with the rich brass base. The sleek design keeps it clean with warm and natural textures allowing for a classic and new traditional design style. I just love it! Jewelry for your home at its finest.

Kodiak Wall Sconce


I am always a big fan of Vern and Fabricut and this collection looks absolutely stunning! Rich colors, bold patterns, a variety of applications for draperies, pillows and upholstery, this is sure to have something for everyone!

Vern Yip Vol III

Heather French


I’m always on the lookout for unique pieces. I’m really drawn to unique legs on furniture, whether that be an interesting shape or an animal's paw. The feet on this bed are fantastic! The spheres supporting this bed are just perfect and I can’t wait to see them in person!

Alias Bed


I’ve taken a sneak peek at a few of these fabrics, but I'm beyond excited to see the entire collection! Fabricut is always the best at what they do — and seeing them team up with Iris Apfel … well, that’s a winning combination!

Iris Apfel

Breegan Jane


This gorgeous chandelier features both my favorite color as well as the natural element of wood that manages to give the piece an approachable feeling while still maintaining an air of sophistication. I’m drawn to the bohemian style of the fixture and the gradient of teal. The chandelier is luxe but light, reminiscent of a party dress!

St. Barts Blue Chandelier


I am always on the lookout for unique and vibrant prints that work well in jewel box powder rooms. In my opinion, these are the spaces that allow for ultimate creative freedom and bursts of fun color that will surprise and delight your guests. Fabricut has stunning wallcoverings and fabrics that I can’t wait to see in person!

The Color Collection from Stroheim

Molly Kay Johns


I am always drawn to dramatic lighting. This pendant caught my eye with it's dark color yet simple design. I will always love black and gold and feel it is a color scheme that works well in many styles. I especially love when attention is given to the cord or chain like with these rectangles. It makes it look so polished and sophisticated.

Alston 3 Chandelier by Brian Patrick Flynn


Contrasting elements are key to making this a standout piece. The black walnut is gorgeous when placed against the gold. The pattern interpreting the rays of the sun is what made me love this piece. I cannot wait to set my eyes on it in person!

Radiate Sideboard

Steve McKenzie


Live edge has been done for quite a few years now, the combination of the live edge with the glass wings for eating and the amazing over-scaled hardware creates a new perspective on this concept. This piece really embodies some of the best of Italian design and daring.

Live Edge Table with Glass Wings


The classic globe shape in the beautifully delicate Rosa color is a fresh take. What really sets this piece apart however are the facets in clear around the middle of the globe creating a new look completely. The equivalent of the Valentino Stud High Heel but in lighting, Haute Couture lighting.

Mondi Pendant Rosa

Justin Shaulis


High contrast is always luxe but when applied to this Biedermeier-styled table, the silhouettes are bold yet sensuous and the details are simple yet sophisticated.

Biedermeier Breakfast Table


Lightscaping a space becomes a sculptural endeavor with this stellar floor lamp from Currey. The matte white abstract shape is strong but delicate, elevating the artisanal nature of the casted shape.

Giacomo Floor Lamp