Style Spotters

Your trend-setting guides to the styles of 2018

The High Point Market Style Spotters are home fashion leaders who showcase the top new styles of each Market. For 2018, eight fashion-forward team members will tour High Point’s showrooms to track the latest trends and post their favorite looks to special Pinterest boards. Click the pictures below to track each team’s picks and share their discoveries at Market. Follow the teams on social media, and be sure to watch all their #hpmktSS action.

Meet the 2019 Style Spotters Team

Eight new team members identify up-and-coming trends at Spring and Fall Market.

Meet The 2019 Team

Michel Smith Boyd

Mary Douglas Drysdale

Stacy Garcia

Bria Hammel

Jeffrey Johnson

Justine Macfee

Holly Hollingsworth Phillips

Sarah Walker

Michelle Jennings Wiebe

Style Spotter Emeritus

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Summer/Fall 2018 Style Report

A look into where home fashion is heading, from our 2018 Style Spotters

Our talented 2018 team of eight Style Spotters (and Clifford the designer Dane) have returned from their trip to Spring Market with some spectacular items and trends. It’s always intriguing to see Market through the individual eyes of each Style Spotter, as each has such a distinctive design style – as you will see in the following report.

Style Spotters Trend Predictions

Our 2018 team forecasts the hot home fashions of Spring Market

What do our Style Spotters see when they gaze into their crystal balls? Will handcrafted, artisanal looks move to the fore? Where will we find balance between traditional and contemporary styles, bold organic patterns and soft refined details,, robust colors and pastel hues? And as technology is now a more important a part of our lives, will it also become a more integral part of our furnishings? Among all these possibilities, one thing is certain – the shape of the future will take form at Spring High Point Market, April 14-18.

Meet The 2018 Style Spotters

Our eight design leaders are ready to guide you through this year’s trends and fashions

So, You Want To Be A Style Spotter

Get the inside skinny on our official trend-tracking team