Summer / Fall 2020 Style Report

Our Style Spotters select this season’s most luscious new looks

Our 2020 Style Spotters were faced with an unprecedented challenge after Spring Market was canceled by the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring them to make their selections online. While we were saddened to see a season without Market, we are hopeful that the time people are spending at home will motivate them to jump start new interior projects.

As we shelter in place, nesting has become a huge trend. The Style Spotters agreed that people want their homes to be a quiet respite from the chaos of the world. Also in reaction to that chaos, sustainability and social responsibility are gaining importance, causing the maker culture and artisan furnishings trends to rise.

Vibrant colors and bold, large scale patterns were prevalent throughout spring’s new introductions. Other pops of wow were seen in statement hardware on casegoods and sinuous curves on upholstery. The team also raved about seeing a resurgence in traditional designs with new interpretations of classical forms.

We applaud our 2020 Style Spotters for their selections and for supporting our industry during this pandemic. We are honored to lead this talented group and to share their fabulous finds with you!


Gary Inman

Owner, Gary Inman Home
Founder, Hospitality At Market

Shay Geyer

Owner & Designer
IBB Design Fine Furnishings

Rachel Cannon

Focus on Wellness / Quiet Rooms

My Quiet Room concept resonated really well at the start of this year and only grew stronger during the coronavirus pandemic. With our mental wellness in mind, I searched for new pieces that would be ideal for a quiet room.

The Beatrix Daybed by Mr. Brown London and the Flared Arm Sofa by Mariette Himes Gomez Hickory Chair are quintessential pieces that say, “sit down, crack open a book you've been wanting to start, and focus on you.”

Mr. Brown London

Hickory Chair

A quiet room is about taking the time you need to relax, unplug and recharge. Many people use this time as a creative outlet to work on their writing or sketching, so why not do it in an inspiring space?

The Meyers desk from Curated Kravet offers clean lines and adequate storage. The new Josh Greene collection for Dowel Furniture has an expansive offering of pedestals that can be used to display beautiful sculptures, fresh flowers or any object that brings you joy and inspiration. An Acacia side table from the new Mark D. Sikes collection for Chaddock adds the right level of detail while providing a great place for books, boxes, and other objects to be concealed without encouraging clutter.

Curated Kravet

Dowel Furniture


Return to Natural Textures

With the extended time our clients have been unplugged from shopping and dining out, they are now relying largely on the outdoors for entertainment. I think this added exposure to nature is going to translate into our clients’ homes. Luckily, we have some fantastic new pieces that showcase the return to natural textures. Some are updated classics like the Naples Armchair from Century Furniture or the Plymouth Burlwood Chest from Worlds Away.

Century Furniture

Worlds Away

I'm really excited to incorporate some unexpected textures into upcoming projects as well. In particular, the new Jamie Drake collection for Mirror Image Home has incredible details. This also applies to the new Marsh End Table from the Beth Webb collection for Arteriors. The Shaggy Pewter rug from Gabby’s new rug collection is a great example of unexpected use of natural textures mixed with a luminous metallic appeal.

Mirror Image Home



Color as a Way to Create Experience

If we reference history, major life changing events such as COVID-19 are rebounded with design periods of vibrant color and futuristic optimism. For example, World War II made way for the 1950s and 1960s modern trends. As a design industry, we should be prepared to help our clients experience their homes as the bright and welcoming places they are meant to be.

Thibaut’s new Piermont Wallpaper in a bold turquoise shade helps bring a level of joy and interest to a room. The Mario Chair from Alexa Hampton’s Theodore Alexander collection, the Burke Lamp from Couture Lamps, and the Dash & Albert Pandora Rug by Annie Selke all help to make a home joyful and create a color experience that can set the tone for your entire mindset. Who doesn’t need a cheerful place to awake? The incredible Richter Bed from Julian Chichester with a fabulous soft pink headboard is the perfect place to wake up and start your day in a positive light.


Theodore Alexander

Couture Lamps

Dash & Albert

Julian Chichester

Nancy Fire

Step Aside

Smaller spaces, more accent options and design diversity make Step Aside a trend that is practical, innovative, and honestly just easy. It's all about choices and products with personality. For those who want to add an accent update, this season the options are endless. From casual to modern to updated traditional, it's time to Step Aside and take your pick from these innovative and creative accent tables. r. Lusk Studios in Suites At Market Square shows off their form and function accent table finished in hand-applied plaster Crocodile, accented in gold leaf for a more sophisticated and savvy style. Diamond Sofa accent tables, with dazzling natural quartz and agate tops – available in 3 color options – show a more casual take.

r. Lusk Studios

Diamond Sofa

Woven Wonders

Appealing to our love of bringing the outdoors in and even keeping the outdoors…well out, the Woven Wonder trend is appearing across many areas of interior products, from the living room to the kitchen, the home office, and even the garden and poolside. This use of materials such as jute, bamboo, rattan, and burlap brings an element of nature indoors, adds texture, and blurs the borders between inside and outside furniture. This season, as brands aim to celebrate the artisan hand, these woven products bring a natural vibe to any space.


Skyline Design

Currey & Company

Selamat Designs

Joanna Hawley-McBride

The New Modern

This trend feels like an updated take on minimalism that’s a bit more playful and liveable for everyday life. The furniture silhouettes feature clean lines, typically with rounded corners – especially as shown in sofas and chairs. The form language is reminiscent of vintage pieces from the postmodern era, but updated with new performance fabrics. The lighting in this trend also features artful architectural lines to complement the bulbous, exaggerated round shapes of the furniture. Lastly, the color palette is less focused on minimalist neutrals. Instead, there are juicy pops of saturated color and even bold, monochromatic statements.

Nathan Anthony Furniture



Currey & Company

Scandinavian-Inspired Sustainability

Living a more sustainable lifestyle has passed the phase of being a trend and is now its own ethos, inspiring designers to craft spaces purely with ethically sourced, eco-friendly pieces. I was delighted to see even more beautiful pieces that are also sustainably made in the new arrivals for High Point Market. Designing more sustainable pieces has inspired the use of beautiful materials such as reclaimed teak, oak, and elm, as well as Vegan AppleSkin Leather, a plant-based leather alternative made from the byproducts of apples in Italy. The forms of each piece are reminiscent of the clean lines and minimalism seen in Scandinavian design, making these pieces an instant classic for most spaces.


Ellis Table Company

South + English

Gus* Design Group

Bold Blues

Maybe I’m partial because shades of blue are my signature color, but once Pantone announced that Classic Blue is the Color of the Year, I was excited to see how it would play out at High Point Market. There are so many incredible examples of this decor trend – and in a wide variety of materials. And the trend doesn’t just stop at true blue. Rather, we’re seeing hues of soft and powdery blue, hyperpigmented cobalt, royal blue, and quintessential navy. The result of this trend is a beautiful array of decorative accessories in this familiar and calming shade.

Currey & Company

Nathan Anthony Furniture

Martha Spak Art & Design

Aviva Stanoff Design

Chelsea House

Trade Winds Furniture

Don Ricardo Massenburg

Warm Jewel Tones

Bold rich jewel tones have been at the forefront of every showroom for the past few seasons. These rich tones will continue as a huge style trend moving forward but the hues are getting warmer. Move over blue sofa, rich tones of orange and red are beginning to appear and they look amazing. The Jacob swivel chair by Four Hands is just a statement-maker on a swivel. The rich rust-colored velvet upholstery will instantly warm your heart and your living space!

Four Hands

Dressed Up Neutrals

The introduction of these warmer tones will undoubtedly welcome neutrals back into the spotlight but not the same cool grays and light blues as before. Warmer neutrals like ivory, off-whites, tinted gray, and tangible beiges will take the stage again. Product makers are adding subtle but beautiful details to their neutral pieces to give them that spark that they need to stand out alongside some of the more vibrant jewel toned products. Bronze bases, brass inlays, and statement hardware are being added to neutral toned casegoods and upholstered pieces, and these details have never looked better. The Sorella dresser by Four Hands is a matte white piece, framed in an antique brass-finish, with a granite top, and oversized acrylic hardware. The Arches Bunching Table by Global Views is covered in neutral gray tones, but the gold leaf accented base shines right through underneath. Both the Sorella and Arches collections are perfect examples of how a simple neutral-toned piece can be dressed to impress.

Four Hands

Global Views

Rachel Moriarty

Stylish Home Hubs

A trend that is going to define 2020 is the Home Hub. In the coronavirus era, we’ve seen how important it is to be able to transition to working remotely or to home schooling, if you have children. Remote work, distance learning, and Zoom meetings are going to be the ‘new abnormal’ moving forward. Since our homes are pulling triple duty, we will need desks that are stylish enough to live out in the open if there isn’t a room to dedicate to a home office space. A sit/stand desk will be a necessity with all of the bells and whistles that they offer like programming so that they remind you when it’s time to stand and integrated USB ports but still look modern and stylish. Partitions and screens are also a trend that we will see as we create dedicated work and study spaces in open floor plan homes.

Alden Parkes


Hickory White

Hubbardton Forge

Natural Curiosities

Robin Baron

Home Sanctuary

Spring 2020 has shown us that we are now responsible for creating life’s experiences like culinary delights, artistic endeavors, beauty rituals, exercise, and mindfulness practices. Moving forward, we will be focused on creating home sanctuaries and havens. Our bedrooms are not just places to rest but in the coronavirus era, may be used as places to isolate and recover. With everyone at home at the same time we need to create moments throughout our homes for little luxuries like curling up with a good book, sipping a cup of tea or for a mindfulness practice like journaling or doing absolutely nothing. A hanging chair, a plush chaise lounge, a cozy pillow are perfect examples of pieces that will help create a sanctuary in your home.


Noir Trading Inc.


Theodore Alexander

Color Me Happy

Beat the COVID blahs with color! Spring 2020 has been an emotional time for everyone. Separation and isolation can take a toll. What the world needs now is a bright happy place to call home. To me there is no better pick-me-up than color! Color has a way of sparking joy, as Marie Kondo would say. It adds energy and vibrancy and it’s simple to incorporate. The 2020 spring market was full of colorful selections from colorful bar cabinets, vibrant accents, statement hardware, and rugs.

Addison Weeks


Chelsea House

JAMES by Jimmy DeLaurentis

MD Home

Ngala Trading Co.

Ivonne Ronderos

Organic Forms

We can see in the latest furniture collections how fascinatingly irregular shapes are coming on scene. From consoles to sofas, we are finding unique pieces of furniture with asymmetries, rounded forms, and playful curves in their designs.

These forms are inspired by shapes found in the natural world. As designers, we are looking toward a harmonious relationship between design and nature, with free-form organic shapes that make allusion to the beauty of raw forms found in mother nature.

This design trend represents an opportunity for us as designers to use the freedom and creativity found in the new collections to create memorable sculptural moments within our clients interiors, adding pieces with form and character that perfectly balance simplicity and complexity, making them incredibly decorative.

Organic shapes are also showing up all over the rug category, with designs moving more toward organic shapes and graphic patterns. Now, we can find versatile sizes and attractive designs that go beyond the classic ones, and look more like accent works of art.


EJ Victor

Global Views

Natural Materials

Materials like cane, wicker, seagrass, and rattan are being incorporated more and more into the new furniture and home decor collections. Although these materials have been used for a while, we are seeing how this trend isn't limited to specific furniture pieces this time. Natural materials are everywhere, as vendors are expanding their use in all the categories.

Another thing is the variety we are seeing in terms of color and pattern. We are experimenting with these basic and natural materials, treating and painting them in different colors like black. In general, we find new ways in which these materials are being paired with others and presented in new color combinations.

Dovetail Furniture & Designs


Victoria Sanchez

Global Interiors

Travel opens our eyes as we experience things perhaps we never imagined possible. Food, smells, colors and of course architecture and design are all a part of our memories upon our return home. Many of us want to capture those very things in our homes. Furnishings and accessories can be collected during travels or seen in shops, and designers work and local styles can vary quite a bit. Moroccan influences continue to be seen and Spanish and French are seeing an uptick in popularity.

Design Legacy

Design Legacy

Chelsea House

Cisco Brothers

Kazi + All Across Africa

Organic and Sustainable

As we come out of sheltering in place, we can all agree that we have taken note of our interiors, well designed or not. The crisis has many of us rethinking the health of our environments and organic, natural materials seem to make more sense than ever. Sustainability continues to rise in importance, and whether it’s reclaimed wood, stone or natural textiles, these materials will continue to be meaningful in our marketplace as we look for healthy options for our families.



Keita Turner

Pillow Talk
Cozy, Plush, Round, and Soft

While curvilinear furnishings have seen a renewed love affair over the last four years, this trend is evolving to include upholstery that evokes the idea of restfulness and overall softness. We desire plush surroundings and need them furnished with soft, round pieces upholstered in forgivable textures that impart warmth and cozy comfort. In essence, we want our homes to feel like a pillow. Furniture that epitomizes ease and a relaxed lifestyle is the ideal for the modern day family-friendly home. These soft and smart rounded forms will create a voluminous look and feel to achieve this extra comfortable cozy aesthetic.

La Cividina


Curated Kravet


Garden Sculptures
Sculptural Metal Furniture

Some of my favorite pieces to layer into an interior space are actually inspired by garden sculptures and metal garden furniture more reminiscent of an English country manor or a Mediterranean villa. These pieces, some versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor use, will not only be sculpturally striking in your home, but will add a uniquely fresh and airy look to any home environment. So whether you opt for stylishly patinated vintage swirl-back garden chairs or a sculptural masterpiece like the futuristic Filinea armchair, with its seemingly impossible design of intersecting geometric lines, you will definitely be embarking on a new approach to home decor.

La Cividina

Modern Antiquarian

EJ Victor

Fermob USA

Reinforcing Dowel
Cylindrical Dowel Inspired Furniture

Furnishings with smooth, curved surfaces seem to be on a continual trend all the way around. We are seeing a resurgence of demand for cylindrical or tubular shaped pieces, inspired by the sleek minimalist designs of the 1970s. Some designs even take their cues from wooden dowel rods commonly used as structural reinforcements in cabinet making, stylistically reimagined into functional casegoods with simple, sensual, and bold lines. These artistically handcrafted cylindrical shapes are showing up in both slender and chunky silhouettes, to suit all aesthetics.

Beech Boy Furniture

Dowel Furniture

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