Style Spotters Winter / Spring 2021 Style Report

A focus on comfort and organic materials as home becomes sanctuary and workplace

Our 2020 Style Spotters have proven to be extremely innovative and adaptable in navigating this year’s unique challenges. We could not be prouder of their dedication and hard work. Their expert selections reveal an explosion in products designed to meet the current surge in home renovations and interior projects, including a growing focus on home offices and family lounging areas.

Home has truly become the sanctuary for all Americans, and this trend is reflected in an abundance of gracious comforting forms emphasizing curvaceous upholstery and cozy sectionals. Organic materials, ranging from stones and wood to weaves in natural fibers and caning, as well as materials such as shells, husks, and grasses, are used in unexpected ways. This fascination with the natural world also extends to seating, art, and rugs that celebrate nature motifs including several examples of the gingko leaf.

The Style Spotters agreed that mixed media was an important trend, and noted many pieces that incorporate multiple materials. This trend dovetails with the rise of Art Deco inspired designs that were prevalent in all the major showrooms. Mid-century, which has dominated recent markets, was less influential.

Several Style Spotters remarked that sustainability and social responsibility were of high importance when sourcing manufacturers. The maker culture and artisan furnishings were amongst the trends that stood out as well.

The color story was diverse but Autumn colors such as cognac, cinnamon, amber, and burnt orange were featured in most showrooms. Blue is still the most prevalent and enduring color family, but black and white schemes were also very strong. Patterns revealed a growing interest in diverse cultures ranging from Native American and South American in textiles, lamps, and rugs.

There was also a refreshing abundance of traditional patterns and pretty rooms with creamy finishes and classic detailing. The Art Deco collections were, not surprisingly, bold and vibrant, offering consumers a tremendous range of options.

We applaud our 2020 team of Style Spotters for their selections and for supporting our industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are honored to lead this talented group and share their fabulous finds with you once again!


Shay Geyer

Owner & Designer
IBB Design Fine Furnishings

Gary Inman

Owner, Gary Inman Home
Founder, Hospitality At Market

Rachel Cannon

Traditional Reimagined

Classic shapes and designs have always been an integral part of my work, so this new offering of reimagined pieces is perfect. In Louisiana we have lots of clients who bring family pieces to their homes that need to be worked into a design. This has given us a great opportunity to work with traditional designs and incorporate them into a modern space. Summer Classics has introduced the Roma Console to bring traditional design to the outdoor space. The finishes that were chosen on these pieces help to show heritage and history while the slight updates of them make them fresh and current.

Summer Classics

Gabby Home

Theodore Alexander

Hudson Valley Lighting

Century Furniture

Soft Colors

With the trends shifting from severe maximalist schemes back to more corals and seafoams, Fall Market reflected the desire for softer colors. Mid-century modern furniture owned the last decade of design and I have to say that it's time to return that aesthetic and make way for the reprise of the 80's design trend. Seafoam tones mix beautifully with soft pinks and corals in this collection of new introductions. The blending of these neutrals and melancholy colors are perfect for grounding a design.

Loloi Rugs

Legacy Home

Couture Lamps

Unexpected Textures

Materials can be used as they historically were or they can be turned into something unexpected in design. This year, with mixed materials in play and application finishes setting them apart, unexpected textures are trending.

I found that this seems to be a trend that can't be ignored this Fall Market. Whether new ideas arose as people were cooped up by the pandemic or through extra inspiration from new resources, the creatives in our industry did overtime getting these collections ready for us. The Dalton Bed in smooth leather as envisioned by the iconic Ralph Lauren is a whole new level of luxury while the fantastic Elder Lounge by Ashley Childers for Global Views uses a hammered iron to get a beautiful and unique finish.


Ralph Lauren Home

Selamat Designs


Global Views

Nancy Fire

Modern Manipulation

Looking at classic design through a modern lens was a highlight this Market, as I spotted elements of surprise when shopping various showrooms. Seeing classic substrates like marble transformed into sleek accent pieces with cutting edge style allows one to mix and match modern manipulation with a classic sensibility. Adding dimensional texture through updated material mixing allows one to see the beauty and sophistication of style that these pieces offer.

Baker Furniture

Baker Furniture

Baker Furniture

Abner Henry

Studio A

Bruce Andrews Design

Natural Territory

With many choices for sustainable-minded products this season, from cultured oyster shell wall art and lighting, and rattan wrapped seating to artwork printed on recycled cardboard, natural substrate mixing and multi-weave furniture, High Point Market was truly naturally derived! Kirk Nix Collection by Palecek uses natural fibers with classic lines to create updated and interesting sustainable designs. Made Goods Oyster Chandelier statement piece is a true work of art. Saddle oyster shells are hand placed in florets, creating a highly crafted effect that makes each organic-looking Venus chandelier one of a kind. These shells are collected from local restaurants and repurposed as works of art instead of ending up in landfills. Kara Mann’s Lashed Lounge Chair for McGuire Furniture is low and slouchy, wrapped in leather cord with a loose seat cushion in chenille fabric that creates a cozy aesthetic that is sustainable with its wrapped rattan base.

Even John-Richard’s Hallwood Cabinet pays homage to nature with handles that are cast to look like branches. Studio NYC Design for Prestige Arts/Art Trends is printing on recycled “gently used” cardboard with non-formaldehyde mdf frames shipped in recycled material.

McGuire Furniture

Prestige Arts / Art Trends

Made Goods



Joanna Hawley-McBride

Cozy Texture Rendered in Neutral Tones

With fall upon us and winter right around the corner, I was thrilled to see vast quantities of cozy texture at Market – and it makes total sense now that we’re all spending more time at home! I’m personally drawn to the slightly imperfect, wabi-sabi vibes that I witnessed in textural wovens, snuggly sherpa and faux furs, slubby chenilles, and shaggy upholstery. It’s almost like letting your home decor give you a great big hug, especially when displayed in conjunction with the curvilinear trend we’re seeing now, too.



McGuire Furniture

Nuevo Living

The Art of the Accent Table

Side tables are an absolute essential to any living space, but as of late they’ve taken a turn to embrace the art of architectural form. Indeed, many of the accent tables at Market this fall felt like miniature pieces of art in and of themselves! With architectural details, mixed materials like marble, terrazzo and burnished brass, and playful proportions, each of these examples is a literal showstopper! No matter which you choose, each table will provide an elevated (literally) aesthetic that’s purely sculptural.

Baker Furniture

TOV Furniture

Currey & Company

Arteriors Home

Nuevo Living

Don Ricardo Massenburg

Getting Down To Business

Whether you consider it working from home or living at work, 2020 has changed the way most of us are getting the job done. Fortunately, many High Point Market exhibitors have placed a major focus on home office solutions. Pieces that are multi-functional or that work well in multi-use spaces are in demand, very important, and they were definitely visible in High Point showrooms. The Duchamps Writing Desk from Universal Furniture and the Column Desk by Baker Furniture are smaller in stature, so that they could effortlessly be placed in a corner of a bedroom or floated in an open concept family room to define a workspace or to create that perfect background for a Zoom meeting. Both desks have ample storage and top surfaces for functionality, but neither are lacking the stylish elements needed to inspire creativity in an office setting. There is a definite need for modular workspace furnishings, such as height adjustable top surfaces that allow a piece to be used while sitting and then adjusted to standing height. The work surface of the Duchamps desk swivels to any desired position around the storage base. Regardless of whether you’re working in a dedicated office space or have carved out a little nook in another room, flexible workspace furnishings like these will help get the job done during work hours and also allow stylish living later in the day!

Universal Furniture

Baker Furniture

Embracing Curves

High Point exhibitors had us all going in circles with their rounded-edge furniture pieces and it seems like we are all on board and ready to embrace those playful curves. Large boxy sectionals and straight-lined sofas are being swapped out for pieces with a softer, more shapely design aesthetic like the Trilogy Chair from Interlude Home. Who doesn’t love a curvy club chair or a piece like the Trebiciano Upholstered Bed by Cavalletto Home that wraps around you like a cozy hug? Their sculptural shape absolutely makes these pieces a focal point, but the rounded edges aren’t just showing up in upholstery. TOV Furniture and Gabby have embraced the trend with their Hump Nightstand and Quella Coffee Table. Curvaceous edges and pieces with sloping arms can create easy flow or help open an area up when the space is tight. Although this is a trend from the past that is being welcomed back into 2020, the curvy nature of rounded furniture still brings a modern energy into a space. The elaborate curves and rounded edges transform these furnishings into pieces of art. Are you down with the curve?

TOV Furniture

Interlude Home

Cavalletto Home


Rachel Moriarty

Textured Everything

No room is complete without texture. How something feels is just as important as how it looks. A full-sensory experience has really taken the design industry by storm, as we realize it’s not just designers that love to touch and feel everything – it’s just as important to our clients. Textured everything was more prevalent this season than ever before, running the gamut from fabrics to furniture to lighting. In furniture, we’re seeing carbonized teak, hammered metals, sandblasting effects, capiz shell details, plaster, faux bois and cerusing on case pieces. The textiles that we’re seeing this season are nubby boucles, strie chenilles, smooth velvets, corduroy and raffia trims. So beautiful to look at and lovely to touch.


Universal Furniture

Nathan Anthony

V Rugs & Home

Color Is The New Neutral

Color has power and this season color is the new neutral. While there’s nothing wrong with neutrals there is just something so captivating about a space that’s layered with color! What’s the first thing you notice when you enter a space? Color! This season, warm earth tones, vibrant hues and jewel tones were all in the mix! Sectionals in nutmeg velvet, traditional wood chairs in vibrant framboise velvet and jewel toned accent pieces were all the rage. Style statements like bold cowhide art, abstract art, celestial textiles and functional art are a perfect way to inject major personality into your project or living space.

Design Legacy

Aloka Home - showing in Cisco Home


Be | Outspoken

Modern Organic Luxury

2020 has all of us wanting to feel grounded, deeply rooted and safe. Wellness, biophilic design and organic products were already trending. Now, they’re even more sought after and elevated than ever before. Modern, statement live-edge furnishings, Acacia wood pieces, black forest marble, travertine, shell, and carbonized teak are furniture finishes we are seeing alone and in combinations. Florals are blooming this season in the form of large statement hardware and vibrant hibiscus lighting. Don’t forget to look up to the stars – astronomical lighting, radiant starbursts and inky indigo celestial inspired textiles are totally out of this world.

The Phillips Collection


Aviva Stanoff

Currey & Company

Global Views

Ivonne Ronderos


When it comes to materials, there are different types of finishes that predominate in all collections each Market. This fall, bleached oak is so in! We saw it everywhere, especially in Palecek's newest collection and the new Kara Mann collection for McGuire. We really love seeing the delicate texture of bleached oak in a wide variety of furniture formats, from coffee tables to desks. The light shades of this material bring a relaxed, earthy and cozy aesthetic that we are looking forward to using in our projects.

Another big trend is boucle´ fabric! This textural and versatile fabric is having a major moment in home furnishings. Its chic look surely adds life to any piece of furniture, creating items that act like comfy, cozy textural accent pieces. In our opinion one of the best versions was from Nuevo Living.

Bungalow 5

Nuevo Living

McGuire Furniture

Nuevo Living


Home Bars

COVID-19 has brought out the drinkers in all of us and almost every brand was launching their version of a loose piece of bar furniture, providing a solution to all those looking to create their own home bar without undergoing a whole renovation. These pieces are a great alternative to a built-in home bar option. With the wide offer of furniture pieces spotted at the market, there is no need for a lot of room to create that bar space perfect for entertaining now that the holidays are approaching. This trend arrived just in time!

Global Views

Studio A Home

Roberta Schilling Collectiony

Victoria Sanchez

Contemporary Foam And Fiber Construction

Sculpturesque, beautiful, comfortable, and not needing frequent fluffing or maintenance, contemporary foam and fiber construction furniture seems to be gaining momentum. Clean styling is showing up from countless furniture manufactures; from luxe to trendy. Verellen’s Hudson Sectional or the Perkins Sofa from the new Ellen Degeneres collection by EJ Victor, and the Kai Chair by Thayer Coggin, with its timeless form that is modern, chic and above all comfortable, offered some of the finest examples at Fall Market.

Thayer Coggin

EJ Victor


Hardware Customization

Hardware is the jewelry that furniture loves to wear! Gone are the days when a brass knob or a pull with an eagle back plate were our only choices. Designers want to be able to customize everything for their clients, from upholstery and millwork to the hardware on the doors and drawers. Baker introduces the new Luxe Collection and the hardware doesn’t disappoint – just look at the cast brass leather strap pulls on the Rosalie Chest. Or, from Hickory White, check out the Demilune pulls in hand painted borealis finish on the Aimee Chest.

Hickory White

Baker Furniture

Keita Turner

The Natural Wicker Collective

The beauty of natural wickerwork, outside of the fact that it is environmentally-friendly, is how the natural vine or grass material is woven or interlaced into distinctive patterns. Natural wicker furniture is made from a variety of materials, such as reed, cane, rattan, seagrass, bamboo, and willow, making it both a practical and stylish furnishings choice for family rooms, home offices, bedrooms, infant and children’s rooms, and enclosed outdoor patios. It easily repels spills, particularly when woven from cane which has the great quality of being less porous. It’s also very lightweight and airy, making it easy to transport, move, or reposition. But, don’t let its light and airy quality fool you, natural wicker furniture is one of the most affordable, durable, and environmentally sustainable ways to bring a bit of tropical charm to your settings! The Isla Raffia Collection from Made Goods, the Journey Wicker Daybed from the Lauren Liess Collection by Taylor King, and the Jai-Alai Collection by Corbett Lighting for Hudson Valley Lighting are some of our favorite natural wicker collections spotted at the Fall 2020 High Point Market!

Made Goods

Corbett Lighting

Taylor King

Cocktail or coffee?

The coffee or cocktail table is one of the most purposeful and utilized pieces of furniture in a home's living space. Created to be used as the name implies, it provides a place to serve and enjoy coffee or cocktails, along with the accompanying baked goods or hors d’oeuvres. But, in today’s market it is expected to do so much more. We want our cocktail and coffee tables to anchor our living space, and conjoin our sofa, sectional, or lounge chair seating arrangements. We need them to complement the aesthetic direction of our decor and perform their intended purpose with creative, smart functionality, beauty, and style. This Fall Market at High Point was serving up quite a few examples in a welcoming variety of shapes, styles, types, mix of material, and function. Kindel’s Concorde Round Coffee Table imbues personality with its even, triangulated step detail that crowns each leg. As storage becomes more of a necessity, tables that come equipped with integrated drawers are gaining popularity. The Chalamet Coffee Table from Mr. Brown London, designed with four drawers and fabricated from a mesmerizing mix of materials, is a favorite. Pieces that offer practical, yet multi-functional purposes had a strong presence. Currey & Company’s new Visby Calcutta Pepper Bench is reversible so that it can be used either as a seat or a table. We expect that versatile designs that keep pace with our evolving lifestyle are going to continue to be in high demand.

Kindel Grand Rapids

Mr. Brown London

Currey & Company

Clean and Modern

The trademark of great design is effortless sophistication. We love pieces that offer a fresh take on classic styling that is updated but not trendy. The clean upholstering and simple lines of the Kim Bed by Hickory Chair are chic and timeless. The hefty hardwood frames, pleasing proportions, and comfortable scale make it perfect for almost any setting. The modern shape barrel back, wide arm rail, weltless clean upholstering, deep seating, and block feet on Thibaut’s Sloane Chair elevate the lounging experience. We are loving the swivel mechanism and perfect pitch of back and seat on Chaddock’s Lucy Swivel. The idea of beauty in art realized in furniture is more than evident in Bernhardt’s Bonaire Sofa. We were inspired by the precision detailing and artisan handcrafted passion emanating from both the Shift Sconce by KingsHaven and the Galahad Large Linear Chandelier by Visual Comfort. We are smitten by the timeless refinement of the Chesapeake Round Outdoor Dining Table in natural grade A teak by Universal Furniture. The Pearce Console Table from The Alexa Hampton Collection by Theodore Alexander has a Baltic flair and boasts surprisingly clean lines plus hidden storage! The modern simple shape and eternal elegance of the Angel Console by Julian Chichester comforts the soul.

Theodore Alexander




Julian Chichester

Hickory Chair


Universal Furniture

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