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The Fabulous Fabrics of Market

Michelle Workman shares her favorite spots to shop for home textiles

I am a little obsessed with fabrics. I start with color as the first element of my designs, and that often takes me straight into textiles. I usually pick far more fabrics than I need, and then whittle my selection down to the best choices for the design. As a result, the bedroom happens to be one of my favorite rooms to work on because of all the fabrics you can layer in – curtains, sheets, top of bed, throws and pillows!

So, let’s use the bedroom as a starting point for this tour of my favorite High Point home textiles showrooms:

Ready-made curtains

Sometimes as a designer you don’t have the budget for custom curtains or draperies. That is where the ready-mades step in. Two exhibitors in particular make fantastic ready-made curtains that can be hemmed to fit your clients needs.

I love the summer-fresh feel created by linen curtains from Libeco (Market Square Tower, Floor 3, Showroom 382).

When I’m looking for something a bit more dramatic – like a splash of color in a refined looking panel – I like Company C (IHFC Design Center, Floor 4, Showroom D431).


For deliciously soft sheeting and comforters I love Cozy Earth (Suites At Market Square, Mezzanine, Showroom M-4037).

Peacock Alley is practically a one-stop shop for all of your bedding needs, and their impeccable styling just can’t be beat. You’ll find them at the J.Douglas Showroom (IHFC Design Center, Floor 3, Showrooms D319, D322).

Pillows and Top-of-Bed

When I need glamour I can always count on the pillows and trims from one of my all time favorites, Pyar and Co. (Suites At Market Square, Mezzanine, Showroom M-7060).

Pom Pom at Home creates a relaxed and soothing atmosphere with their linen and voile bedding. You can see their wares, along with several other fantastic textile lines, at CODARUS (IHFC Hamilton, Floor 2, Showroom H220).

If you want dressmaker details and impeccable tailoring, you can find top notch top-of-bed at Ann Gish (IHFC Commerce, Floor 1, Showroom IH208).

Finally, a stop in at Valdese Weavers (Market Square Tower, Floor 6, Showroom 658, appointment recommended) always brings delight and inspiration!

Those are my eight favorites. To preview even more, just go to the Find Exhibitors section, click “Categories” under “Filter the Results”, and then scroll down to “Textiles/Soft Goods.” You’ll see options for every room, and even for outdoor spaces. I look forward to seeing you in High Point, and hope your tour of home textiles is a fun one!