The Dialogue of Fashion and Design

Jamie Drake explores the emergence of style from the interaction of ideas

Fashion is an active and inspired response to our ever-changing times. New ideas fan out from the runways into fast fashions and lasting trends in home decor. This ongoing conversation between new and old, emergent and enduring, who we are and how we live form the foundation from which Jamie creates lively, magical spaces that inhabit memories and enrich lives.

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Spring 2016 Preview Guides

Building Reliable Business Relationships

How to gain maximum value from your at-Market meetings

This is your perfectly personalized map to Market. Easy to use search tools help you find the showrooms, seminars, social, and networking events you want to see. Save your selections – in the app or on our website – and they’ll stay in sync in the app and on the website. Best of all, at Market, blue dot navigation will guide you from building to building and to every showroom in IHFC.

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