Insider Insights: Soft Goods

To firm up your bottom line, add soft goods to your merchandising mix

By Deb Barrett, founder, Soft Design Lab

Did you know: Fifty percent of all products specified in a space are covered in fabric, and soft furnishings, especially window coverings, can have the best margins and markups for your store, projects or studio? Plus, soft goods are often smaller-ticket, impulse-purchase items that consumers use to keep their homes on-trend or even just in-season. So, an always-up-to-date soft goods mix gives your customers a reason to come through your door more regularly, keeping your store at top-of-mind when it’s time to buy big-ticket items. All of these advantages add up to an excellent reason to beef up your soft goods mix on your next Market tour.

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Fall 2015 Preview Guides

Lisa Mende’s Top 10 Tips for Finding Those Just-right Accessories at the High Point Market

If your first trip to the High Point Market is anything like mine, you’ll be amazed by the incredible number of showrooms, the vast expanse of exhibit space, and the dazzling displays – not to mention the breadth and depth of products on offer. My first impression left me feeling as though I would never find what I needed. However, after attending a few Markets, I discovered that finding the perfect accessories – and even some great gift items – is easier than it seems. The keys to uncovering those just-right pieces for your store, studio, or projects are to start with a little research and arrive with a well-planned itinerary.

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