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Online pre-registration is closed.

Spring Market/April 18-23

Please Note:

  • No children under 15 years old allowed at High Point Market.
  • Only service dogs – no other animals permitted.
  • Individual exhibitors determine access to their showrooms.
  • No photography unless permission granted by building or exhibitor

Register on site - just about anywhere on site.

No matter where you want to start your Market tour, you'll find a registration site close at hand. Just bring your Federal Tax ID Certificate or State Sales & Use Tax Certificate, plus a business card and current driver's license for each attendee, to one of the registration desks. In just a few minutes, you'll have your pass and be ready to go!

  • 220 Elm
  • Commerce & Design (C&D)
  • Suites at Market Square
  • Market Square
  • Furniture Plaza
  • Plaza Suites
  • IHFC Commerce Ave. Entrance
  • IHFC Green Dr. Entrance
  • IHFC Main St. Entrance
  • IHFC Wrenn St. Entrance
  • Center Point on Hamilton
  • Showplace

International Buyers & Designers:

To register as an international buyer, the following must be supplied:

  • A completed Request for Buyer Pass form
  • Copy of business license (translated to English)
  • Copy of the VAT tax number or Tax Identification Card from your country
  • Copy of business card from each attendee

NOTE: Copy of identification page of passport will be requested for all letters of invitation. Allow at least five business days for processing. All documents must be received before your request will be processed.

For Canadian buyers, the following must be supplied:

  • Copy of Vendor Permit or Corporation Certificate
  • Copy of business card from each attendee
  • Copy of driver’s license or photo identification for each attendee

Please scan and email all documents to If time allows, we will complete your registration and send a barcode confirmation via email. To pick up your pass on site, present this barcode confirmation and your photo ID at the International Buyers Center located on the first floor of the High Point Theatre at the Transportation Terminal.

If you do not receive a barcode confirmation email, you must present all of the documentation listed above at the registration desk.

Members of the media:

If you have not attended one of the last two Markets and have yet to register, plan to visit the Media Center upon arrival to receive your pass. If you have attended one of the last two Markets, you have been pre-registered. Passes can only be picked up in the Media Center, located on the second floor of the High Point Theatre at the Transportation Terminal. When you pick up your press pass at Market, please present a business card or copy of your publication's masthead verifying your reporting assignment or editorial position.

For an overnight stay, check out nearby Winston-Salem or Greensboro.

If you do decide you want to spend the night, remember, hotel rooms start to free up on Monday and you'll find even more vacancies on Tuesday and Wednesday. Whatever night you choose to stay, nearby Greensboro and Winston-Salem are great places to keep in mind when you're making last-minute Market plans. The Winston-Salem Convention and Visitors Bureau website even offers a handy tool for locating a room and getting the information you need to book your accommodations. Whether you choose Winston-Salem or Greensboro, you can maximize your at-Market convenience by checking our FREE Hotel Shuttles to make sure your hotel is on the route.